The Importance of Individual Counseling

Many recovery models include group therapies and exercises but the most effective way to overcome an addiction of any kind is to dig deep into the reasons behind it and to learn different ways of coping with the root issues of your addiction.

While group therapy and exercises are certainly helpful, these techniques lack some of the benefits of one-on-one counseling when going through treatment.

Full Trust & Disclosure

One-on-one counseling is different in that you are freer to delve deep within yourself and be vulnerable in ways you may not feel comfortable doing in a group session. A qualified, trained addiction counselor knows the struggles of addiction and can help guide you to the answers you need to find.

Integrative Healing

Recovering from addiction is a journey that can be quite difficult so the more components you have at your side, the better. After your body has been cleansed of toxins, the real healing begins, and that includes more than just staying sober. When you have such services as one-on-one counseling, combined with additional services, you are much more likely to find the success you seek.

Individual Ally

A professional recovery counselor is not just a therapist; they are a powerful ally on your road to recovery. When you have a counselor who has worked with you to help navigate through your addiction, they know you pretty well and will be able to redirect you in the event that you start to feel lost.

Focus on the Individual

At Serenity Springs Recovery Center, we focus on the individual. Not every addiction is the same and not every treatment will work with everyone. That’s why it’s beneficial to find a recovery center that approaches addiction not with just one or two ways to heal, but an integrated approach that takes into account the individuality of everyone.

Contact us at Serenity Springs Recovery Center today and let’s get you started with the right plan to conquer your addiction.