Our Intensive Outpatient Addiction Treatment Program

Serenity Springs Recovery Center is located on 38-acres of beautiful lakefront property in Edgewater, Florida. To help address the increase in substance abuse across Florida, we offer men’s intensive outpatient program or IOP at our facility.

Guests can expect world-class drug and alcohol substance abuse treatment from a compassionate team. Comprehensive addiction treatment services approach substance abuse issues with personalized plans as no two stories of drug and alcohol abuse are the same. Our holistic approach to treatment also involves healing each client by focusing on the mind, body, and spirit.

Within our intensive outpatient program IOP in Florida, we combine the latest clinical techniques and a structured twelve-step immersion program for substance abuse. Throughout the IOP, you will work with our substance abuse treatment team of clinicians and staff who will help guide you through the journey to recovery. Combined with our other exceptional services, care, and serene environment, our clients are better able to fight their addiction and live a healthy, happy, and sober life.

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A Multifaceted Approach to Residential Addiction Treatment for Men

To improve your chance of recovery, our men’s rehab program focuses on three significant factors of treatment: your mind, body, and spirit. As one or more of these areas become unbalanced, it can directly contribute to your substance use disorder. Our facilities and resources are designed to help you grow and heal in each area so that your recovery can be long-lasting and comprehensive.

All our providers are experts in their field, utilizing specialized treatment programs for each individual. By developing an individualized approach for each of our guests, clients can successfully break old habits and work to promote new and healthy ones.

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Substance use disorder often begins in the mind. We provide daily services to help our guests restore proper cognitive thinking and processing skills. Our experienced clinicians foster healing through group therapy and individual therapy sessions using the latest advances in research in the mental health field. The professionals at Serenity Springs realize that drinking and illicit drug use are often symptoms of mental health disorders and rarely the root cause. The goal is to have guests leave the program with mental clarity and an understanding of their situation.



Drug and alcohol abuse can destroy the body. Serenity Springs’ treatment options help the body heal through proper nutrition, exercise, and supplementation. You’ll be able to begin healing physically on day one of treatment. Our delicious meals are prepared by a professional chef. Additionally, guests at our Florida rehab center have access to healthy snacks 24 hours a day. Our mission is to have guests leave Serenity Springs with their bodies feeling completely rejuvenated.

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Our treatment program is one of the best male rehabilitation centers in Florida—we go beyond the physical and mental to focus on the core of alcohol addiction: healing broken spirits. Beginning with daily meditation, guests work individually and in support groups every day to develop self-discipline and change their perspective on life. Guests work through a 12-step program with experienced staff members who have recovered from addiction by going through the same process. With the framework to produce an influential spiritual experience, guests leave our substance abuse treatment program with newfound freedom and happiness they never thought possible.

What Is an Intensive Outpatient Program?

An intensive outpatient program, or IOP, is a more involved form of traditional outpatient treatment that combines mental health services, medical detox and therapeutic activities. Men suffering from addiction issues often don’t realize they’re facing a dangerous health problem that requires a treatment program. By uncovering the root causes of addiction, outpatient treatment prepares guests for long-term sobriety by arming them with the tools needed to get through hard times without turning to substance abuse. Intensive outpatient programs are completed at the treatment facility without requiring guests to give up their daily lives. Typically lasting up to 12 weeks, an IOP is ideal for men suffering due to substance abuse but unable to attend an inpatient treatment facility due to work, school or family responsibilities. Providing outpatient treatment programs means creating a unique course of drug and alcohol abuse treatment for every guest. The individual therapy methods used will be based on multiple factors, such as the length of substance abuse, the severity of dependencies and whether another mental health condition co-exists.

A Holistic Recovery Experience

Whether you’re in need of an addiction treatment center for drug abuse or an alcohol rehab program, IOPs offer the needed mental health therapies and services for a successful recovery. Our outpatient rehabilitation programs use evidence-based modalities to combat the effects of drug and alcohol substance abuse.

Guests begin down their road to recovery through our immersion program, which promotes growth of the mind, body and spirit. Individualized treatment for spiritual growth is handled by dedicated support staff who work closely with our mental health professionals to better understand each guest’s needs.

Our IOP rehabilitation program offer many of the same activities and clinical services as inpatient, sober living and partial hospitalization programs.

What Sets Serenity Springs Apart From Other Treatment Centers?

The quality of our therapeutic services alone has led hundreds of guests to sobriety and away from the harmful consequences of substance abuse. Every step of treatment is handled by licensed professionals who specialize in addiction recovery.

A focus on group counseling and family therapy allows guests to avoid the isolation commonly felt at drug rehab treatment centers. It comes down to the mind, body and spirit breaking dependencies and learning to live a sober life.For many, the decision to attend drug and alcohol treatment takes a sense of personal responsibility. Intervention is a common approach used to show how addiction has impacted an individual’s loved ones in order to trigger this reaction of responsibility, leading the individual to agree to treatment.

When the time for treatment arises, Serenity Springs Recovery Center is your premier choice in Edgewater, FL. We welcome new guests into our luxurious treatment center regardless of the addiction troubles they currently face. If individualized treatment is needed for you or a loved one, we encourage you to take the first steps towards recovery and Contact us today. Our team of compassionate addiction specialists can answer any questions or concerns you may have about treatment or even addiction itself.

Frequently Asked Questions

Going to rehab can seem daunting for many people, especially when the realization of your addiction unveils itself. Although this can seem like a complicated process, we’ve put together a few common questions and answers to help ease your mind and prepare you for the road ahead.

Rehabilitation is not just a place where you fight your addiction. At Serenity Springs Recovery Center, our men’s rehab center is designed to help you fight your addiction once and for all while healing your body, mind, and spirit.

Fighting your addiction alone can be isolating and more challenging. However, along the journey, we help provide you with services that will help you rebuild your body, mind, and spirit for ultimate success. When you have a strong support system such as the one that we offer in our men’s residential facility, you are better able to lead a sober lifestyle.

Many people often ask, “how can I prepare for rehabilitation?” Knowing what to expect when you enter into our programs can better help you begin your journey to recovery on the right foot. Although it can be overwhelming to enter a new chapter in your life, ultimately, it is for the best, and we are here to support you through it.

Before entering into our treatment programs, our admission coordinators will give you an over-the-phone evaluation. During this call, you’ll be able to get answers to any questions or concerns that you may have. You will also be given a detailed outline of your individualized treatment plan, which is created based on your evaluation. This process helps to make you aware of what will be taking place throughout the program. It’s also a great time to ask any unanswered questions regarding our policies and overall recovery process.

The main concern for many people when entering into our men’s rehab center is how long the program is. It can create more anxiety when you are faced with the reality that you will be away from family, friends, work, and other responsibilities for an extended period. Our residential gender-specific men’s in-patient program is designed to help you fully immerse yourself in the recovery journey. This program can last anywhere from 30-90 days.

While the average alcohol rehab program can take anywhere from a month to a year – or even longer in some cases – it’s crucial to know what factors determine the length of your stay. A phone evaluation will help our staff members gain more information about the severity of your addiction. This will help us create an individualized treatment plan and course of action that will best suit your needs throughout the program.

Fighting your addiction involves more than a therapy session and discussing past trauma. At Serenity Springs Recovery Center, we believe in treating our guests as a whole to help heal the mind, body, and spirit for optimal recovery. This holistic approach to treatment utilizes many different techniques to help you throughout the journey to healing and life beyond our programs. Some of our daily services include:

  • Psychiatric care
  • Yoga
  • Relapse prevention
  • Family services
  • One on one therapy

There are a plethora of rehabilitation centers across the United States. Each one offers a variety of programs for different needs. However, numerous underlying issues within the addiction rehabilitation industry have been causing all kinds of problems for guests and their families, including poor quality treatment and high relapse rates.

At Serenity Springs Recovery Center, our approach to treating your addiction involves healing all aspects of your mind, body, and spirit. We offer industry-leading addiction and clinical interventions, including psychiatric care, health and wellness services, and many more tailored options to your recovery process.

We pride ourselves on being able to create individualized treatment plans specific to your needs and goals. Our high staff-to-client ratio allows us to provide an individualized, compassionate focus to ensure that all our guests are getting what they need at all times.