Seeking help is the first step to overcoming an alcohol or drug addiction. Serenity Springs Recovery Center offers a men’s rehab program in Titusville, FL, that provides adult men with a peaceful environment to help them retreat from the stresses of everyday life. Professional staff use a compassionate and nonjudgmental approach to help men through addiction recovery. If you’re a man seeking addiction treatment near Titusville, FL, Serenity Springs is located just over 30 minutes north in Edgewater, FL. 

There are many reasons why someone might turn to drugs or alcohol, including peer pressure, mental health issues, past trauma or negative life changes. Serenity Springs is a rehab center offering treatment options that correlate addiction and mental health to discover the root causes of a substance abuse disorder or alcohol addiction. Men are encouraged to speak freely about their concerns and build supportive connections with peers and staff. 

Our substance abuse treatment programs include inpatient and outpatient programs for alcohol or drug addiction, as well as dual diagnosis, that are meant to help men discover effective coping skills. Using a combination of individualized treatment plans and top-quality mental health services, the mission of Serenity Springs is to help individuals reclaim their lives. By employing dedicated specialty and medical staff, our treatment facility strives to help everyone achieve a successful recovery. 

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Addiction Treatment Programs Near Titusville Florida

Types of Addiction Treatment Programs Near Titusville, Florida

Not everyone who comes to our treatment center is in the same stage of addiction recovery. This is why we offer options that are meant to meet you wherever you are in your journey combating drug abuse or alcohol addiction.

Residential Treatment

Our men’s residential treatment center is located near Titusville, FL, and is best described as a spiritual sanctuary. We focus on identifying mental health disorders that may be impacting a patient’s ability to recover from substance use disorders. Individuals then realize how those issues relate to their alcoholism or drug abuse and can work on establishing real-world solutions to overcome their problems.

Our immersive 12-step addiction treatment program offers individuals a day-to-day structured healing process with relapse prevention techniques that lead to a higher level of engagement and success. By providing a high staff-to-client ratio, patients receive treatment in the form of individual counseling, group therapy, exercises and other addiction recovery treatments meant to prevent relapse in the future. Patients may also undergo a medical detox during their stay.

 After completing the program, individuals have a new set of coping skills that lead to healthier habits. 

Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

Partial hospitalization programs provide highly structured, intensive treatment options that don’t require individuals to live on-premise. This program was built for patients who need a more affordable hands-on care option than residential treatment. Individuals struggling with relapse prevention or a combination of disorders use PHP to stay on track.

PHP treats substance abuse disorders by using coping mechanisms and healthy routines to improve each individual’s mental health and overall quality of life. Patients can choose to stay for five to seven days a week and work with a treatment team of dedicated social workers who help patients integrate into support groups in the local recovery community. 

Intensive Outpatient Program

Intensive outpatient programs are meant to provide a combination of mental health services, therapeutic activities and medical detox. Our 12-week outpatient program helps uncover the root causes of drug addiction or alcoholism and prepare patients with the tools needed for long-term recovery in the real world. 

We use individual therapy methods to treat drug abuse disorder or alcohol addiction by determining each patient’s severity of dependence, their length of substance abuse and whether other mental health conditions exist. Intensive outpatient treatment programs are ideal for individuals who have outside responsibilities that prevent them from receiving residential treatment.

Good Mens Rehab Option for Titusville Florida

Why Serenity Springs Is a Good Men’s Rehab Option for Titusville, Florida, Residents

Patients at Serenity Springs receive a combined experience of drug, alcohol and mental health treatment. Our trusted mental health experts offer a variety of services, including behavioral therapy, family therapy, solution-focused therapy and trauma-related counseling. Dual diagnosis treatment is also provided for those struggling with depression, bipolar disorder or anxiety in combination with substance abuse.

Once an individual leaves our residential treatment or outpatient treatment program, Serenity Springs continues to provide support. Instead of focusing solely on the individual, our drug and alcohol rehab center makes an effort to help each man build a support system to stay clean. This includes helping them reconnect with their families and their lives outside the facility.

Our aftercare treatment plan also provides supportive services that help men integrate back into the community. We help our patients find options in their area for counseling, health care, peer support groups, housing and other resources they need. Aftercare planning is meant to reduce stressful triggers and help individuals focus on recovery.

Serenity Springs Recovery Center Is Here to Help You Build a Better Life

If you or a loved one is fighting to regain control of their life because of an addiction, Serenity Springs in Edgewater, FL, is here to help. Our programs and individualized addiction treatment plans provide resources to establish the coping mechanisms needed to overcome addiction and mental health disorders and get your life back on track. 

For more information about our programs, call us today at 386-423-4540 to schedule an appointment and take the first step on your journey to recovery.