Seeking treatment at a rehab center is a brave decision. The Serenity Springs Recovery Center professionals understand that men who go to a drug rehab program want to experience recovery in a nonjudgmental environment. Serenity Springs encourages men to be open and express their concerns in a setting where they’ll enjoy the support of peers and staff. For those seeking an evidenced-based men’s drug rehab program near Port Orange, FL, Serenity Springs is less than 30 minutes south in beautiful Edgewater, FL.

Drug abuse doesn’t occur in a vacuum. Individuals start drinking too much or using drugs for several reasons. Peer pressure, past traumas and mental health issues are a few factors that can lead people into the downward spiral of drug and alcohol addiction. Breaking free of substance use requires quitting the substance and dealing with the influences that often cause relapse. 

At Serenity Springs, men learn coping strategies to help them deal with situations that can trigger substance use. Serenity Springs offers addiction treatment for alcohol addiction, drug addiction and dual diagnosis — for individuals struggling with mental health issues and substance abuse. A 1:2 staff-to-client ratio ensures each client gets the attention necessary for a positive recovery journey. The drug and alcohol treatment providers include medical staff, recovery staff and specialty staff.

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The Serenity Springs Environment

Men who come to Serenity Springs treatment facility will appreciate the peace and tranquility of the lakefront property. The quiet natural setting makes it easier to leave the confusion and noise of the outside world behind and concentrate on rehabilitation work while enjoying peace and tranquility. It’s essential to get rid of distractions that can interfere with recovery.

At Serenity Springs drug and alcohol treatment center, men will find what they need to move through the recovery journey, including drug detox, group support, outings and nutritious meals to heal bodies ravaged by substance use. Treatment options at Serenity Springs Recovery Center include a residential program, a partial hospitalization program and an intensive outpatient treatment program.

Drug Rehab For Men in Edgewater

Residential Treatment Program

The residential treatment program, situated on a 38-acre campus in Edgewater, FL, offers a place to help participants renew their body, mind and spirit. The compassionate staff at Serenity Springs conduct individual and group therapies to help men understand the relationship between substance abuse and mental health. Delicious and healthy meals and snacks provide nutritional healing that a body damaged by substance abuse needs to function and heal properly.

The 12-step immersion program helps individuals grow spiritually and learn self-discipline. Meditation, outings and fitness classes are part of an integrated approach that helps men progress in recovery and gain the skills necessary to engage in sober living after completing the treatment program. Clients can expect to spend 30-90 days in the residential treatment program.

Intensive Outpatient Program

Intensive Outpatient Treatment

Outpatient substance abuse treatment helps men who must work or focus on other duties handle them while participating in rehab. The 12-week program offers medical detox and mental health services. Intensive outpatient treatment enables individuals to understand that co-existing mental health issues and other problems can affect their ability to stop using. It also helps them recognize feelings and triggers that can lead to relapse, which helps with relapse prevention.

Individuals in the intensive outpatient treatment program can expect the same attention as those in the residential and partial hospitalization programs. Small groups, the 12-step program, individualized care, life skills and individual, group and family therapy sessions help participants develop the skills necessary to work toward recovery.

Intensive Outpatient Program

Partial Hospitalization Program

The partial hospitalization program is a highly structured day program that provides flexible but intensive care. Guests can choose to participate five to seven days a week. The staff works with participants to ensure they benefit from the program while meeting work and other responsibilities. Partial hospitalization is also an option for an individual who’s completed a residential treatment program. 

Dedicated therapists and recovery advocates help individuals develop coping skills and build the community connections and social support they need to stay with the recovery journey. Partial hospitalization treatment modalities include dialectical behavior therapy, solution-focused brief therapy, family therapy and a dual diagnosis program.

With roots in cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy emphasizes mindfulness and self-regulation. Participants work to build skills for coping and regulating their emotions. Behavioral therapies help with essential skills for moving forward during recovery and after program completion.

Solution-focused brief therapy helps individuals identify solutions to problems by answering questions. Specific questions enable individuals to see their strengths, emphasizing what they can change rather than getting stuck because they feel overwhelmed. Solution-focused brief therapy can help clients improve their problem-solving skills.

Drug addiction impacts not only the substance user but also affects their family. Loved ones may feel abandoned, abused or used by an addicted family member. Overcoming years of hurt and broken promises can be difficult without someone to help guide the process. Family therapy helps the addicted person and family members address unresolved issues and move toward forgiveness and healing.

Depression, bipolar disorder and past trauma are risk factors for substance use. A person struggling with mental illness may use drugs or alcohol to self-medicate and attempt to feel better. Dual diagnosis treatment emphasizes helping individuals with underlying mental health issues that contribute to substance misuse. Serenity Springs provides compassionate and individualized psychiatric care. Individuals work with therapists to address mental health issues that make recovery challenging.

Aftercare Treatment Program

Once individuals complete residential, partial hospitalization or intensive outpatient treatment, support after the program can help them stay focused on recovery. The aftercare treatment plan includes supportive services, such as individual counseling, health care, peer support groups, and referrals to community resources for employment, housing and other forms of assistance. Aftercare planning helps improve the client’s ability to focus on recovery and reduce stressful triggers that often lead to relapse.

Men who want to stop using alcohol or drugs and get on a pathway to a healthy and sober life will find Serenity Springs Recovery Center in Edgewater, FL, the place to begin the journey toward long-term recovery.

Serenity Springs Recovery Center Is Here To Help

If you or your loved one is ready to start the journey to long-term recovery, Serenity Springs in Edgewater, Florida, is ready to help. Remember, the beginning is often the most challenging part of your sobriety journey. We’re ready to help all patients from the very first step. For more information on our community and programs, you can call us today at (386) 423-4540. You can also fill out our online contact form and one of our caring addiction treatment specialists will get back to you as soon as possible.