Serenity Springs Recovery Center was founded in 2011 to help those suffering from addiction lead a life free from drugs and alcohol. Our 38-acre lakefront sanctuary offers a serene environment for men suffering from substance use disorders to find peace and tranquility on their journey to recovery. We have developed a multidisciplinary approach that helps us to treat each client as a whole: mind, body, and spirit. Our program offers three levels of care: Residential Inpatient, Partial Hospitalization (PHP) and Intensive Outpatient (IOP). We believe that by treating each client based upon their individual needs, we can guide them to a successful recovery.

Our Mission Statement

We empower individuals in addiction recovery through a blend of evidence-based and holistic therapies, the compassion of spirituality and the transformative 12-step process.

Our Values

Respect: We embrace respect as a core value, recognizing and honoring the inherent worth and dignity of every individual who seeks help for substance use disorder. We foster an environment that promotes respect for diverse perspectives, experiences, and backgrounds, ensuring that all clients and staff are treated with dignity, empathy, and understanding.

Integrity: We uphold integrity as a fundamental value within our facility. We maintain the highest ethical standards in our practices, ensuring honesty, transparency, and accountability in all interactions. We prioritize doing what is right, even when faced with challenges, and consistently act in the best interests of our clients’ well-being and recovery.

Excellence: We are committed to excellence in all aspects of our substance use disorder rehabilitation facility. We strive for continuous improvement, staying up-to-date with the latest research, advancements, and best practices in addiction treatment. We provide evidence-based, quality care that meets or exceeds industry standards, setting our clients up for the best possible outcomes in their recovery journey.

Diversity of Appreciation: We value and appreciate the diversity of our clients and staff. We recognize that each person brings unique strengths, experiences, and perspectives to the recovery process. We foster an inclusive and culturally sensitive environment that celebrates diversity, promotes understanding, and encourages learning from one another.

Professional Conduct: We uphold professional conduct as a guiding value in our facility. Our staff adheres to a code of ethics that emphasizes professionalism, confidentiality, and maintaining appropriate boundaries. We prioritize the well-being and safety of our clients, ensuring a secure and respectful environment that promotes trust and supports their recovery goals.

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