Seeking help is the first step to overcoming alcohol and drug addiction. The Serenity Springs Recovery Center offers men a peaceful, nonjudgmental environment surrounded by professional staff to start their recovery journey. If you’re a man seeking addiction treatment near Melbourne, FL, Serenity Springs is located just over an hour north in beautiful Edgewater.

There are many reasons why someone might develop a substance abuse problem. Past trauma, the loss of a loved one or mental health issues are just a few of them. Serenity Springs provides treatment that focuses on the link between addiction and mental health. Our addiction treatment programs get to the core of drug and alcohol abuse and help individuals develop healthy coping skills.

We offer inpatient and outpatient addiction recovery programs as well as dual diagnosis where individuals have access to professional treatment advice from medical, recovery and specialty staff. By providing a range of treatment options, we hope to meet the needs of each client at our rehab center.

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Addiction Treatment Programs Near Melbourne Florida

Addiction Treatment Programs Near Melbourne, Florida

Each person struggling with alcohol or drug abuse has their own unique experiences, which means a one-size-fits-all treatment center won’t work. Our treatment options are meant to help addicted men at any stage of substance abuse and lead them to recovery success.

Residential Treatment

Our residential addiction treatment program is offered at a private alcohol and drug rehab center near Melbourne, FL, that provides individuals with a beautiful and serene environment to recover from substance abuse. We provide a 12-step immersion treatment program for substance abuse that adheres to our holistic approach to recovery by offering day-to-day structure, life coaching and healthy food.

Individual counseling and group therapy led by our professional treatment providers help addicted men identify mental health disorders and learn relapse prevention techniques to stop future drug and alcohol use. After staying at our treatment center, individuals are equipped with the coping skills they need to beat their alcohol and drug addiction.

Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

The partial hospitalization program offers addiction treatment without requiring individuals to live on-premise. It’s an intensive, highly structured recovery program that allows patients to stay five to seven days a week based on their own schedules. They have access to individualized addiction treatment plans and a treatment team and medical provider who focus on relapse prevention or balancing multiple disorders that are making it difficult to overcome a drug or alcohol addiction.

Intensive Outpatient Program

For addicted men who can’t commit to a residential program because of real-world responsibilities, our 12-week intensive outpatient program has the resources needed to combat a substance use disorder. The program focuses on treating mental health disorders that may be causing an alcohol or drug addiction.

Our outpatient addiction treatment program offers a variety of therapeutic activities, including counseling, peer-to-peer support and a 12-step program, that work to uncover the root cause of a substance abuse problem. These services are completed at the treatment facility by certified professionals without interfering with work, school or taking care of family.

Aftercare and Support Program For Men's Drug Addiction Treatment

Aftercare and Support Program

Our recovery services don’t end once an individual leaves our addiction treatment center. By offering an aftercare program, we help them stay focused on recovery by finding supportive services in their communities. These services include individual counseling, resources for employment, health care, prescription medications, peer support groups, housing and other necessary forms of assistance. 

Why Choose Serenity Springs Recovery Center?

Our rehab center isn’t just focused on helping individuals recover from alcohol and drug addiction. For men suffering with a mental health disorder, our trusted treatment providers can help with a dual diagnosis by providing solution-focused brief therapy, trauma-related counseling, behavioral therapy and treatment for anxiety, bipolar disorder or depression. 

Solution-Focused Brief Therapy

Sometimes people develop a drug and alcohol addiction because they aren’t sure what other paths are available. This type of therapy helps men come up with alternative solutions to substance use and discover the life changes they need to make to achieve their goals. 

Dialectical Behavior Therapy

This type of therapy focuses on mindfulness and self-regulation. Anger management techniques are taught to help men regulate their emotions and establish new coping skills that don’t involve drug and alcohol use. Behavioral therapies are helpful for individuals getting ready to transition from the rehab center to their community.

Reconnecting With Family

Although many drug rehab centers focus on the individual, we believe recovery success requires men to have a strong support system. Our addiction treatment center involves helping individuals see how their drug and alcohol addiction might’ve affected their families so they can mend fences and build stronger relationships. 

We also help families learn how they can lead their loved ones through addiction recovery in a safe and healthy manner. Alcohol and drug addiction is hard to combat on its own. If a person knows they have a support system inside and outside the rehab center, the road to recovery may be easier. 

Serenity Springs Recovery Center Is Here to Help You Reach Sobriety

If you or a loved one is struggling with an alcohol or drug addiction, reaching out for help is the hardest part. Serenity Springs helps men near Melbourne, FL, by offering addiction treatment programs with anger management, life coaching or therapeutic techniques to help you overcome drug-impacted thinking. 

For more information about our addiction recovery programs, call our addiction treatment center today at (386) 423-4540 to schedule an appointment.