It can feel like there’s no way out when you’re struggling with life-controlling addictions, but anyone can turn their life around. Our men’s rehab program in Jacksonville can help you begin your journey to long-term recovery, no matter how long you’ve been abusing drugs.

Let the team at our tranquil, inclusive environment wrap their arms around you and guide you through the drug addiction recovery process into a completely new life. At our men’s rehab center in Jacksonville, we help you uncover the underlying causes of your unhealthy behavior, whether it’s related to past trauma, mental illness or grief.

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What’s Offered in Our Men’s Rehab Facility Near Jacksonville, FL?

Our men’s rehab centers provide spiritual sanctuary, allowing you to take a step back and learn the difference between drug-impacted thinking and your true self. Addiction tricks your brain, leading to intense cravings and making it hugely difficult to prioritize anything other than your substance of choice.

In most cases, addicted people suffer intense emotional pain, making feeling depressed, anxious and unmotivated seem like your normal state. And while drugs and alcohol provide temporary relief, they’re ultimately amplifying negatives and making it harder for you to see the positives in life.

Below are the main drug and alcohol programs clients can take part in at our Jacksonville men’s rehab. Every program focuses on healing the body, mind and spirit, with life skills training to help you overcome addiction and other life-controlling issues.

Residential Treatment for Substance Abuse

Our residential 12-step immersive men’s rehab program has excellent recovery rates thanks to highly structured programming that’s tailored to your specific needs. During inpatient rehab, you have access to care around the clock.

It provides men with moderate to severe substance use disorders the opportunity to get into healthy habits and receive all the care and attention they need to heal. You’ll take part in individual counseling, support groups and life coaching, with healthy meals and the type of structured daily routine that’s conducive to recovery and a healthy life.

Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) Addiction Treatment

A PHP is the next step down from inpatient addiction treatment. You take part in the same daily activities as a residential program but don’t necessarily live on-premises — and you might only attend sessions five days per week instead of seven.

It’s more intensive than other forms of outpatient programming, making it ideal for people stepping down from residential treatment. The PHP at our Jacksonville men’s rehab is also effective for people with moderate to severe SUDs who don’t wish to attend inpatient rehab.

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) Substance Abuse Treatment

Our Jacksonville IOP is best for men who have responsibilities such as work, family or education to attend to. You’ll take part in a mixture of therapy, educational classes and coaching services to support you along your recovery journey. While it’s ideal for people who’ve just completed a PHP, an IOP is also a highly effective first step to recovery for people with less advanced substance use disorder symptoms.

Dual Diagnosis for Co-Occurring Mental Health Issues

For many people, mental health issues underpin addiction. At Serenity Springs, our licensed team of professionals will take steps to determine if you have an underlying condition. If you do, it’s crucial that you receive dual diagnosis treatment for that as well as addiction, as mental illness can be a major — and often undiagnosed — trigger.

Ongoing Addiction Recovery Support: Our Aftercare and Support Program

Completing a program at our Jacksonville men’s rehab is the first step towards recovery, but it doesn’t end there. We go the extra mile by supporting the men who come to transform their lives with us through our aftercare and ongoing support program. This could include employment resources, housing, peer support, health care and medication assistance, depending on your needs.

Aftercare and Support Program For Men's Drug Addiction Treatment

Addiction Treatment Programs at Our Treatment Facility

We offer a range of therapeutic treatment options at our Jacksonville men’s rehab, including one-on-one licensed counseling services, group therapy, family therapy and experiential therapy.

One-on-One Licensed Counseling Services

You’ll work with qualified therapists to learn about the underlying beliefs, thought patterns and attitudes that are holding you back from healing. We use evidence-based treatments such as solutions-focused therapy and dialectical behavior therapy to help men overcome addiction and mental illness.

Group Therapy

Group therapy helps you fine-tune essential skills such as empathy, communication and openness. The thoughts that fuel addiction tend to prefer silence, and learning to speak openly has a profound impact on your ability to process emotions and move past triggers in a healthy way.

Experiential Therapy

We believe in treating the mind, body and spirit. That’s why we regularly practice meditation, 12-step yoga and other holistic treatments. Having a break from intense emotional processing to focus on these nourishing activities supports the recovery process and can provide relief from feelings that trigger substance abuse.

Why Choose Serenity Springs Recovery Center’s Jacksonville Men’s Rehab?

There are a number of reasons residents say our addiction treatment center stands out as a wonderful space to heal and grow within:

  • You can experience life transformation near Jacksonville Beach
  • Our addiction recovery programs have a high staff-to-client ratio
  • All our substance abuse recovery programs are customized
  • We offer drug and alcohol rehab for the body, mind and spirit
Aftercare and Support Program For Men's Drug Addiction Treatment

Providing Affordable Substance Recovery to Men Near Jacksonville, FL

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