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Serenity provides substance abuse rehabilitation with our exclusive all male treatment program.

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Our Recovery Programs

Inpatient care at our fully equipped lakefront facility
All day programming for patients who live off-site
Flexible and comprehensive treatment several hours a week

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Alumni Success Stories

Alumni, Orange City, …

Serenity Springs saved my life. The amazing staff & therapists there are top notch, very compassionate, caring and understanding. They go the extra mile for their clients. I have been in and out of treatment centers my whole life and Serenity Springs is the only treatment center I would ever recommend. “

Alumni, Daytona Beac …

“If you are thinking about treatment for yourself or a loved one. I can’t imagine a better laid out program. They will provide you with all the tools and knowledge to be successful once you leave treatment. All-around amazing treatment center that is in it for the right reasons.”

Alumni, Apopka, FL

“Serenity Springs really helped me find recovery, myself, and spirituality. Experiencing the fellowship between the patients and the staff really makes a difference when searching for hope within the hopeless mind. They target addiction from all different angles for true long-term happiness, recovery and fellowship.”

Garrett C, Age 20

“I showed up at Serenity Springs broken, battered and nowhere to turn. Serenity Springs provided the highest level of care and love when I needed it the most. This place saved my life.”

Thomas F, Age 25

“I went to so many treatment facilities from Los Angeles to Long Island and wasn’t successful. I found Serenity Springs and have maintained my sobriety and am finally living my life beyond my wildest dreams. Serenity Springs gave me my life back.”

Stephen G, Age 30

“Serenity Springs not only showed me a way out of the insidious disease of addiction, but also made a long term investment in me as a sober recovered person. I came to know that I am a spiritual being. Meditation, mindfulness practices, and working with others who suffer had a profound impact on my choices. I learned to open my heart, my mind, and spirit. I am totally dumbfounded that so much love is available in recovery. Today I can be gentle and kind to myself. I attribute my new found successes in life and my happiness to recovery and Serenity Springs.”

Our Multifaceted Approach

To improve your chance of recovery, our men’s rehab program focuses on three major factors of treatment: your mind, body, and spirit. As one or more of these areas become unbalanced, they can contribute directly to your substance use disorder.