Medical Staff

Our experienced and dedicated medical staff provide exceptional, one-of-a-kind treatment for the mind and body.

Dr Casanova MD-Medical Director
Dr. Edda Casanova, MD

Psychiatrist, Medical Director
Board of Advisors

Haley Crow, RN

Director of Nursing

Milisette Prior, RN

Supervisor of Nursing

Jose Vera Psychiatric APRN
Jose Vera, APRN

Nurse Practitioner

Victoria Waicus FNP-1
Victoria Waicus, ARPN

Family Nurse Practitioner

Guy Haskell, RN


Lisa Kenney, LPN


Jennifer Serer - LPN- Nurse-Recovery
Jennifer Serer, LPN


Heidi Troche, LPN


Clinical Staff

Our caring clinical staff create a customized program, meeting the needs of each individual.

Dan Bodnar MCAP CMHP Clinical Director
Dan Bodnar MCAP, CHMP

Clinical Outreach Ambassador
Board of Advisors

Elena Grant-Schramm - Clinical Director - BA CAP
Elena Grant-Schramm, MSW, CAP

Clinical Director

Greg Phillips MCAP Therapist Recovery Addiction
Greg Phillips, MCAP


Makayla O’Keefe, BAS, CAP


Lauren Holder, MSW Intern

Group Therapist

Christina Brown-Naylor (1)
Christina Brown-Naylor, CRPS

Case Manager

Michelle Smith CBHT Behavioral Health Technician
Michelle Smith, CBHT

Behavioral Health Technician

Clay Brutus

Behavioral Health Technician

Kaella Legrottaglie

Behavioral Health Technician

Recovery Staff

Our recovery staff provide an integral support system for our program.

Thom Grimm MS, LICDC-CS (inactive)
Compliance Consultant
Ira Schanzer

Admissions Coordinator

Jason Prior - Community Outreach Coordinator
Jason Prior

Community Outreach Coordinator

Mark Ogle

Recovery Advocate

James Pavlovsky

Recovery Advocate

Specialty Staff

Our specialty staff add healthy and fun activities to the overall recovery experience.

Kimberley Botzum, CWPC, AA

Head Chef
Hospitality Coordinator

Lara Clevenger ND-Registered Dietitian
Lara Clevenger, MSH, RDN, LDN, CPT


Dr. Robert Sabljak