We provide addicted individuals who are shortened by hope, flooded with fear, and drained from purpose in life with a permanent solution to recover.

Our Purpose

We aim to provide each client with a lifelong solution that is needed to fully recover from drugs & alcohol abuse. We believe the most effective way to treat addiction is through a combination of intensive 12-Step work and leading-edge clinical interventions. Our substance abuse treatment team made up of clinicians and professional staff will then take the client to deeper levels of healing through various approaches. We are committed to offering each client a permanent solution to addiction.

Our goal is to provide each suffering addict and alcoholic the tools to live and obtain a life beyond their wildest dreams. Our objective for each client following treatment is to grow in sobriety and get back to being a productive member of society. Through compassion and dedication, we enable our clients to “stop recovering and recover.”

Our Vision


Serenity Springs Recovery Center was founded by individuals whose family members suffered from the disease of addiction and successfully recovered with treatment.  Serenity Springs believes that an intimate treatment setting with an unmatched client to staff ratio aids in the high rate of long term recovery. Our vision at Serenity Springs is to raise the standard of addiction treatment and bury the stigma tied to addiction.

We believe that the addict can recover from a disease of the mind, body, and spirit. Our vision is not only to rid the addict of the desire to use, but for them to also live a life that is happy, joyous, and free. Not only to equip them with numerous coping mechanisms but to also provide them with a deeper level of healing than they ever thought possible.


Our Services


Serenity Springs uses a multidisciplinary approach to treat the whole person: mind, body, and spirit. All of the providers are experts in their field and use specialized interventions, like amino acid therapy, to address the needs of the client. Together, we can create a specialized treatment plan specific to the needs of each client.


Amino acid recovery therapy

EMDR therapy

Full-service medical staff

Psychiatric care

Family services

One on one counseling

2:1 client to staff ratio

12-step immersion

Nationally certified personal trainer

Professional chef

Weekly outing


Team sports and recreation

Yoga sessions for beginners