Going to rehab can seem daunting for many people, especially when the realization of your addiction unveils itself. Although this can seem like a complicated process, we’ve put together a few common questions and answers to help ease your mind and prepare you for the road ahead.

Serenity Springs only admits men aged 18 or older.

Prepare like you might for a week-long trip, below are some items to remember:

  • ID and insurance card(s)
  • A list of all your medications and dosages. Your current prescription medication must be in the original pharmacy bottle with its label intact. Any liquid medications must be new and sealed.
  • A list of names, addresses and phone numbers of those you wish to have involved in your treatment (loved ones, healthcare professionals, 12 step sponsors, etc.).
  • A week’s worth of clothing, including clothes that would be comfortable for exercise and a swimsuit for the beach. Laundry is available.
  • Personal hygiene supplies, including things like sunscreen, contact solution, toothpaste and non-alcoholic mouthwash. Any liquid products must be in their original packaging, seal unbroken.
  • A pre-paid Visa gift card for any missing essentials that you would like purchased for you at the store; this may be things like extra hygiene products, nicotine and prescriptions. If you are not able to bring a pre-loaded card, you can leave a debit/credit card or cash with staff. Your individual receipts will be kept safe for you with your cards/cash.
You may bring your mobile phone onto the premises. However, it will keep it in a secure area following your admission.

Your safety is our top concern. If you do not have a family member or friend who will drive you to our treatment center, we are happy to figure out alternative transportation. In some cases, we are able to pick up patients from where they are located and in other cases we may be able schedule a ride. Contact us anytime to ask how we might get you here.

We realize how significant family support is throughout your recovery journey. However, treatment is often most successful when you have space and time away from external factors. For this reason, we do not allow visits from family. However, for family members taking part in family therapy, they will be permitted on-site during your sessions.

Length of stay is based on each individual’s recovery plan and can vary widely. The longer a patient is able to fully immerse themselves in the program, the more success we have seen with long-term sobriety. Length of stay will be assessed and re-evaluated periodically during the course of treatment.

Yes, smoking and vaping are allowed in designated areas, during designated times. Vapes must be disposable, no refillable vapes are allowed.

Yes, we allow clients to drink coffee in our facility and have coffee readily available most of the day. Energy drinks, however, are strictly prohibited.