At Serenity Springs, we understand that the road to recovery from drug addiction can impact the mind, body and soul. For those seeking addiction treatment, it can be challenging to take that first step in seeking addiction treatment services, but it doesn’t need to be.

Unlike many other addiction treatment centers, Serenity Springs offers guests an opportunity to heal in a place that promotes not only addiction recovery but overall wellness. One of the few programs of its kind, Serenity Springs stands out in the rehab industry for its holistic approach.

Set on nearly 40 acres near Cocoa Beach, Florida, Serenity Springs drug rehab offers the tools and resources you’ll need to create new goals, learn ways of coping with addiction and mental illness and more.

In a serene environment near Central Park Plaza and West Palm Beach complete with a fitness center and luxury facilities, you’ll work with an experienced substance addiction treatment team for your substance abuse, alcoholism or dual diagnosis challenges.

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Addiction Treatment Programs Near Melbourne Florida

What Is Offered in Men’s Rehab Facility and Treatment Center?

From addiction recovery programs and relapse prevention with aftercare treatment to residential treatment, a partial hospital rehabilitation program and more, Serenity Springs men’s rehab center offers a full range of care and is rated one of the top American addiction centers for high-quality behavioral health care. It’s considered one of the best in the behavioral health industry.

Residential Treatment Near Cocoa Beach

Many guests do best in residential substance abuse treatment where they can have 24-hour access to licensed providers with experience in substance abuse. Serenity Springs men’s rehab near Cocoa Beach is a place where you can expect exceptional quality care standards from a team of health care providers who’ll help you understand the adverse consequences of relapse and give you the tools you need to succeed after drug rehab.

Former patients can attest that residential treatment through Serenity Springs is an honest and safe way to tackle drug addiction, alcoholism, eating disorders, mental illness and other issues you may struggle with. Serenity uses a 12-step approach to treatment in a day-to-day structure with proven results in relapse prevention.

Each guest seeking addiction treatment is assigned their own therapist and mental wellness advocate for the duration of their stay in residential treatment. Unlike many other drug rehab centers, your assigned ally can help you communicate your challenges, goals and expectations as you work through your recovery goals.

Aftercare and Support Program For Men's Drug Addiction Treatment

Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) Addiction Treatment

For those seeking addiction treatment services who can’t commit to residential treatment, a more affordable drug rehab option might be central Florida’s Serenity Springs PHP program. You’ll receive treatment five to seven days a week from a team of licensed health care providers who specialize in addiction recovery programs and are at the top of the behavioral health industry field.

Your personal health information will be kept private, and your enrollment may allow you to continue working during your treatment. Many find PHP a private and convenient solution to traditional residential addiction treatment when home responsibilities mean live-in addiction treatment isn’t possible.

While you won’t live at the treatment center, you’ll have access to the same qualified staff in the Cocoa Beach, FL, area.

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) Addiction Treatment

Much like the PHP program, Serenity Springs near Cocoa Beach offers an intensive outpatient option where you’ll have the same access to treatment practices, treatment providers rendering medical advice and the serene environment of the Cocoa Beach, Florida, area.

Whether you’re seeking alcohol rehab or ready to begin your recovery journey, we understand the importance of meeting you where you’re at to tackle life-controlling issues like alcohol addiction and more.

Addiction Treatment Aftercare and Support

Serenity Springs near Cocoa Beach offers guests an aftercare plan to help make the transition home easier. After working with your team of qualified health care providers, you’ll leave addiction treatment with a plan for sober living, goals for work and tools to help repair relationships.

Connecting Guests to Families at Serenity Springs Drug Rehab Centers

For guests struggling with their relationships, therapists at Serenity Springs can help with issues like anger management, communication skills and making amends.

In group therapy, you’ll have the chance to practice new skills as well. Even if your family isn’t close to Serenity Springs centers in Cocoa Beach, licensed providers can help you connect and reconnect to loved ones during and after drug or alcohol rehab. Serenity Springs Men’s Rehabilitation Program near Cocoa Beach, FL, one of the best treatment centers in the nation, can offer treatment practices that will help improve your relationships.

Aftercare and Support Program For Men's Drug Addiction Treatment

Serenity Springs Can Help You Regain Hope Through Addiction Treatment

If you’re searching for hope from one of the best treatment centers in the country and need a drug rehab with a day-to-day structure, Serenity Springs near Cocoa Beach can help. Whether you need treatment information, are hoping for more information on how to live a sober life or just need a place to start your addiction treatment, Serenity Springs has answers. As you browse rehab centers, consider the Cocoa Beach, FL, area.

To start on your road to recovery and enter treatment, call (386) 423-4540 and schedule an appointment to learn more about Serenity Springs Men’s Rehabilitation Program near Cocoa Beach, Florida. All personal health information will always be kept confidential. If you’re experiencing a medical emergency, call 911 for help.