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Serenity Springs believes in a life-long recovery, through treating the mind, body, and spirit.  Our Intensive Outpatient Program offers a number of different services for both men and women that are tailored to fit each individual’s needs, and combine the latest clinical techniques with the twelve-step program. The mission of the outpatient program is to help guide clients through the challenges that life presents while transitioning into a sober lifestyle.

The Intensive Outpatient facility, located in beautiful New Smyrna Beach is both private and confidential.  The outpatient program focuses on healing the addicted mind, rejuvenating the body and restoring one’s spirit.  There are a variety of therapeutic and mental health services provided by our outpatient program to help restore clear and cognitive thinking.  By restoring clear and cognitive thinking it helps the client’s make positive choices in their daily lives.  Through cognitive behavioral therapy, our clinicians and supporting staff help continue to heal and restore thinking patterns in the addicted brain.  Not only is healing the mind important, but rejuvenating the body is an important part when it comes to combating alcohol or drug addiction. Our program includes instruction on nutrition, exercise, and how to maintain a healthy lifestyle that promotes recovery. Our staff also helps to restore one’s spirit based on the values of honesty, love, and compassion.  Our outpatient program guides clients from a life of selfishness and strife to one of abundant faith and compassion.

The Intensive Outpatient program is an important step in the road to recovery. It helps to provide additional accountability and support for those coming out of residential treatment. It may also serve as a stable foundation for those who have never been to treatment before, along with introducing them to the 12- step process.  Because the Intensive Outpatient Program is not residential it gives the clients the ability to tend to family life and work responsibilities. The mission of continuing treatment through our program is to provide clients with additional tools that help individuals recover and be productive members of their community

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