At Serenity Springs Recovery Center we realize that chronic drug or alcohol abuse will create major health problems. Abusing substances will do damage to many of our vital organs and entire nervous system. Many clients enter treatment after several months or years of heavy habitual use of drugs and or drinking alcohol, leaving their bodies in desperate need of rejuvenation and replenishment. We realize the importance of helping the client properly heal his body as well as his mind and spirit. Some of the highlights of the health and wellness program include:

> Off-Site Weekly Outings

> Professional Chef

> Nutritious Meals

> Individual & Group Exercise

> On-Site Wellness Options

> Fitness Center

> Full-Court Basketball

> Beach Volleyball

> Golf Green & Driving Range

> On-site 3 Acres of Private Lake

> Yoga & Meditation


Wellness Activities

The Men’s Residential Campus is located on 10 acres which include a 3-acre lake that clients use for fishing. There is a gym on campus which has free weights, cardio equipment, and machines available, where clients regularly work out in their free time. On Serenity Springs’ campus clients can also take part in full-court basketball and sand volleyball games. There is a golf green along with a range area for the golf enthusiast.


Balanced Nutrition

Not only does our program provide nutrition, it also equips clients with the knowledge and skills to carry with them throughout their lives in order to achieve a state of complete health. Meals at Serenity Springs Recovery Center are prepared by a professional chef and are designed by a nutritionist to be balanced and (nutritious).

Are you or a loved one suffering from the disease of addiction? Our health and wellness program will start the body’s healing process, clearing the harmful toxins ingested during substance abuse. The journey of recovery is not easy, so let our professional at Serenity Springs in Central Florida get you started on your road to freedom from this cunning, baffling and powerful disease. Contact an Addiction Specialist Now!