Serenity Springs Recovery Center is a 12-step immersion drug and alcohol treatment program. It is our hope that you experience this beautiful gift given by the 12-step model that most substance abusers are never introduced to.

  • During the duration of treatment, clients will have the opportunity to complete all twelve steps doing so from the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous
  • Coinciding with the AA Big Book residents will work out of and complete a 12 step workbook which provides structure and a better understanding of the 12 step program
  • Clients will work with both clinical staff and their assigned RA (Recovery Advocate) who themselves have achieved sobriety through the twelve-step process
  • Graduates of Serenity Springs who participate in our alumni program also coordinate with residential clients providing twelve-step guidance and accountability.
  • In-house community twelve-step accountability groups take place daily, granting current clients the chance to begin developing a support system within themselves, absent from staff and other nonresidential clientele.

Why the 12 steps?

Along with numerous new scientific and spiritual advances, Serenity Springs utilizes the highly efficient twelve-step approach which has been proven most successful in dealing with addiction over the last century. Nearly 70% of people in the rooms of 12 step programs have not completed the 12 Steps. As a result, the original 12 Step model created by Alcoholics Anonymous founder Bill Wilson has been significantly watered down and diluted over the course of a century. Unfortunately, this has weighed heavily on the success rates and created negative stereotypes about the 12 Step program.

Serenity Springs Recovery Center has helped many chronic relapsers who have attempted to achieve sobriety with a 12 Step program. We have consistently discovered the chronic relapser finds an entirely different message of recovery. They become immediately engaged by their re-education into the original 12 step program of recovery resulting in continuous engagement and success. Our 12 step completion model is what sets us apart from most 12 step immersion programs. We are aware of the difficulties an addict or alcoholic face when first entering the rooms of 12 Step program.


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The Men’s Residential Campus in Edgewater, FL is very conducive to recovery and working the 12 Steps to completion. Our 10 acre “Spiritual Sanctuary” provides an atmosphere that creates a very serene, calming feeling for our clients to successfully recover from addiction.