We offer a variety of services at our secluded, rehab for men in Edgewater, Florida. Our men’s residential addiction recovery program meets every client’s individual needs. We combine the latest clinical and medical techniques with our twelve-step immersion for substance abuse(completion) program. Our substance abuse treatment team includes master’s level clinicians, medical, and treatment professionals, creating a 2:1 staff-to-client ratio. Small groups allow the staff of Serenity Springs to provide individualized treatment plans and therapy to all clients.



Clients are able to undergo the necessary psychic change by being given the opportunity to complete all 12 Steps during their residential substance abuse treatment.

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To prepare clients for life beyond substance abuse treatment, the Serenity Springs Inpatient Program offers instruction in the following areas:

goal setting, personal accountability, resume building, and career placement.


Clients meet with expert doctors to help address their medical and psychiatric needs. Medical professionals ensure that clients are given the proper medication.

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The men’s inpatient rehab program offers daily access to a workout facility. A professional chef provides nutritious meals and education to help heal the body.

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Throughout the week, clients engage in a variety of therapeutic services including individual, group, and family sessions by licensed professionals who are accustomed to providing services at male rehabilitation centers. The clinical team provides many years of experience and education in the mental health and substance abuse treatment field.




To fully recover, the mind, body, and spirit must all be healed.



The disease of addiction centers in the mind. Daily services are provided to clients in the men’s program to help restore proper cognitive thinking and processing. Healing is fostered by experienced clinicians through process groups and individual therapy sessions using the latest advances in research in the mental health field. Highly specialized clinical services are provided to clients in the men’s inpatient rehab program. Some services include EMDR therapy by a trained Licensed Mental Health Counselor. Serenity Springs professionals realize that drinking and drug use is only a symptom of an addict’s disease and that we have to get down to causes and conditions. The goal is to have clients leave the program with an understanding of their disease and mental clarity that they could have never imagined before beginning substance abuse treatment.



The disease of addiction destroys the body. Serenity Springs’ services help heal the body through proper nutrition, exercise, and supplementation. Those who enter the men’s inpatient rehab program begin healing the damage done to their bodies on day one of treatment. Delicious meals are designed by a nutritionist and prepared by a professional chef. Additionally, clients at this Florida rehab will have access to healthy snacks 24 hours a day. Clients leave Serenity Springs with their bodies feeling completely rejuvenated.




Our program focuses on healing the broken spirit and is one of the best male rehabilitation centers in Florida and the US. Beginning with daily meditation, clients work every day, both individually and in groups on reducing selfishness, gaining discipline, and changing their perspective on life. Clients work through the 12-steps with experienced staff members who have recovered from addiction themselves by going through the same process. By being given the framework to produce a vital spiritual experience, clients leave our substance abuse treatment program with a new found freedom and happiness they never thought possible.