How does psychiatric care help with recovery?

Our psychiatric team works with clients to treat underlying mental health concerns for full wellness. The first step is a psychiatric assessment, where our team can identify any psychiatric concerns and determine an appropriate treatment plan. Mental health concerns are frequently present along with addiction. Sometimes the mental health concern is present first, and the addiction is developed as a means of self-medication of symptoms. Sometimes mental health concerns develop following a period of living with the disease of addiction. Because the two can be so intertwined, it is essential to treat both the addiction and the mental health concern in order to help our clients find true wellness and happiness.

Psychiatric Care in Recovery

Because mental health concerns are so often present alongside addiction, having a recovery center with psychiatric expertise is essential to a complete addiction treatment. Psychiatric care is provided on-site with a mental health therapist, which is helpful for ongoing assessment and monitoring. Our mental health team can manage any psychiatric medications that might be recommended, including medications for depression, anxiety, or for ongoing sobriety. Having psychiatric care on-site means our providers can truly get to know our clients, which allows us to provide more comprehensive and effective care.

Why choose Serenity Springs over other programs?

At Serenity Springs, we offer industry leading addiction and clinical interventions, including psychiatric care with a mental health therapist, EMDR therapy, and many more options that are tailored to the individual’s recovery process. Our clients can receive all their addiction-related care in one place. Our staff-to-client ratio of 2 to 1 allows us to provide an individualized, compassionate focus to ensure that all our clients are getting what they need at all times. The comfortable environment allows our clients to focus on holistic treatment for their minds, bodies, and spirits.