Florida Health Care Plans has been serving residents of Florida with high-quality healthcare plans for nearly 50 years. The company prides itself on its affordable, understandable health care coverage, combining the personal touch of a small company with the advantages of a large insurance provider. Members have access to more than 9,000 in-network physicians, primary and specialty care providers and healthcare facilities.

Like other insurance companies, Florida Health Care Plans must provide coverage for drug and alcohol rehabilitation under the federal Affordable Care Act. The exact level of coverage depends on your insurance plan. If you have this type of plan, you can search for addiction treatment facilities on the FHCP website.

Serenity Springs offers in-network coverage for people who have this insurance. We provide comprehensive care for patients with substance use disorder and dual diagnoses with depression, anxiety and other behavioral health conditions. Reach out to our team at 386-423-4540 so we can answer your questions and provide more information to see if our rehab is the right fit for you or a loved one. 

Available Florida Health Care Plans

FHCP has plans for children, adults and families. You may get coverage through your employer or purchase it on the open marketplace. Some of the plans you’ll find include:

  • High-deductible health plans (HDPD). These plans have a large deductible of several thousand dollars or more. After you meet this deductible, you can access coverage for visits to health care providers.
  • Co-payment plans. These plans charge only a co-payment for care once you reach your plan deductible. Before you meet the deductible, FHCP still pays for generic drugs and primary care visits.
  • Open-access plans. This option lets you see any doctor at any time. You don’t need to select a primary care physician or obtain referrals.

You might have either a preferred provider organization (PPO) or health maintenance organization (HMO) plan. In general, you find your own doctors with a PPO plan, while an HMO plan requires you to select a primary care provider to manage your care.

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Medicare Coverage Through FHCP

If you’re age 65 or older or have a qualifying disability, you’re eligible for Medicare coverage from FHCP. You can select a low-premium, low-deductible PPO or HMO plan. The type of coverage you receive varies based on the specific plan, your geographic location and other factors. However, most Medicare plans pay for many types of health conditions and symptoms, including detoxification and specialized inpatient or outpatient rehab for people struggling with drug addiction or alcohol addiction. You may be able to select from different types of facilities depending on your needs. You can also buy additional coverage with a Medicare supplement plan.

FHCP Coverage for Substance Abuse Treatment

Under federal law, the state of Florida allows residents to use health benefits to pay for addiction treatment in Florida. If you have a standard, employer-sponsored or Medicare plan with FHCP, your coverage may provide:

  • Counseling and therapy for drug and alcohol addiction as well as coexisting mental health conditions
  • Detoxification from alcohol or substance abuse
  • Rehabilitation in a residential facility
  • Partial hospitalization programs (PHP) for drug rehab
  • Intensive outpatient programs (IOP), either alone or as a step down from inpatient treatment

Some plans may require you to receive prior authorization before they refer you for substance abuse treatment. This process determines that you meet the criteria for your plan to pay for this type of recovery as a medical necessity. When you contact our facilities, our professional counselors can help you obtain insurance coverage for your care.

At Serenity Springs Recovery Center, we make sure financial obstacles won’t prevent you from recovering from addiction. We accept a wide variety of insurance policies including FHCP plans, and we’ll be able to answer questions about your coverage when you contact or visit us to get more information.

Addiction Services for FHCP Members

As an in-network provider for both FHCP traditional and Medicare plans, Serenity Springs is ready to create a personalized recovery plan that fits your needs. We combine various evidence-based modalities with helping you develop strong coping skills and address the underlying causes of addiction.

Most people benefit from starting in either a residential recovery program or a PHP program. PHP involves attending meetings, therapy and other treatment sessions for several hours each day, but individuals can return home and stay with their families at night. After successfully completing a residential or PHP program, individuals can enter IOP for aftercare treatment that supports lasting sobriety.

You can reach out for information if you or a loved one struggles with alcohol, fentanyl, methamphetamine, heroin, cocaine, prescription drugs or any other controlled substances. Serenity Springs has experienced healthcare providers who guide detox, medication management, individual therapy and group therapy. Treatment plans also include 12-step meetings, outdoor therapy, personal training, acupuncture, yoga and other forms of complementary care.

The full extent of coverage depends on your exact health insurance; for example, some plans don’t cover complementary and alternative therapies for addiction. Regardless of coverage, however, we strive to make sure you have the holistic physical, emotional and spiritual support you need to overcome substance use disorder.

Health Care Providers Treat Addiction at Serenity Springs

If you’re worried about the extent of substance use by yourself or a family member, help is available at Serenity Springs. Our facility serves patients in Edgewater, Florida, and surrounding areas of the state. We have everything you need at our safe, comfortable facilities to promote a successful recovery and a new way of life.

Contact us today by calling 386-423-4540. Our trained professional addiction counselors, many of whom are on their own recovery journeys, can provide information and answer your questions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Frequently Asked Questions

Going to rehab can seem daunting for many people, especially when the realization of your addiction unveils itself. Although this can seem like a complicated process, we’ve put together a few common questions and answers to help ease your mind and prepare you for the road ahead.

Rehabilitation is not just a place where you fight your addiction. At Serenity Springs Recovery Center, our men’s rehab center is designed to help you fight your addiction once and for all while healing your body, mind, and spirit.

Fighting your addiction alone can be isolating and more challenging. However, along the journey, we help provide you with services that will help you rebuild your body, mind, and spirit for ultimate success. When you have a strong support system such as the one that we offer in our men’s residential facility, you are better able to lead a sober lifestyle.

Many people often ask, “how can I prepare for rehabilitation?” Knowing what to expect when you enter into our programs can better help you begin your journey to recovery on the right foot. Although it can be overwhelming to enter a new chapter in your life, ultimately, it is for the best, and we are here to support you through it.

Before entering into our treatment programs, our admission coordinators will give you an over-the-phone evaluation. During this call, you’ll be able to get answers to any questions or concerns that you may have. You will also be given a detailed outline of your individualized treatment plan, which is created based on your evaluation. This process helps to make you aware of what will be taking place throughout the program. It’s also a great time to ask any unanswered questions regarding our policies and overall recovery process.

The main concern for many people when entering into our men’s rehab center is how long the program is. It can create more anxiety when you are faced with the reality that you will be away from family, friends, work, and other responsibilities for an extended period. Our residential gender-specific men’s in-patient program is designed to help you fully immerse yourself in the recovery journey. This program can last anywhere from 30-90 days.

While the average alcohol rehab program can take anywhere from a month to a year – or even longer in some cases – it’s crucial to know what factors determine the length of your stay. A phone evaluation will help our staff members gain more information about the severity of your addiction. This will help us create an individualized treatment plan and course of action that will best suit your needs throughout the program.

Fighting your addiction involves more than a therapy session and discussing past trauma. At Serenity Springs Recovery Center, we believe in treating our guests as a whole to help heal the mind, body, and spirit for optimal recovery. This holistic approach to treatment utilizes many different techniques to help you throughout the journey to healing and life beyond our programs. Some of our daily services include:

  • Psychiatric care
  • Yoga
  • Relapse prevention
  • Family services
  • One on one therapy

There are a plethora of rehabilitation centers across the United States. Each one offers a variety of programs for different needs. However, numerous underlying issues within the addiction rehabilitation industry have been causing all kinds of problems for guests and their families, including poor quality treatment and high relapse rates.

At Serenity Springs Recovery Center, our approach to treating your addiction involves healing all aspects of your mind, body, and spirit. We offer industry-leading addiction and clinical interventions, including psychiatric care, health and wellness services, and many more tailored options to your recovery process.

We pride ourselves on being able to create individualized treatment plans specific to your needs and goals. Our high staff-to-client ratio allows us to provide an individualized, compassionate focus to ensure that all our guests are getting what they need at all times.