Serenity Springs Recovery Center is an in-network addiction treatment provider of Humana Insurance

Humana Drug Rehab

It is time to make that decision to change your life. No more fighting your addiction! Let’s take that first step in the right direction, and towards recovery. Is numbing the pain with more and more drugs and alcohol working for you? If you answered no, then it is time to take that first major step. Getting sober may appear like a long shot. Serenity Springs is now an in-network, Humana drug and alcohol treatment provider. Now, Humana insurance policy carriers are likely to get the financial aspect of their treatment covered, jump-starting a happier lifestyle free from the grips of addiction.

Humana Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT)

MAT involves the use of FDA-approved medications combined with counseling and mental health or behavioral therapies, to provide treatment of substance use disorders to meet every client’s medical needs. Humana will cover prescription medications, even narcotics. This includes clients that are under the supervision of a treatment center, like Serenity Springs Recovery Center in Florida.

Does Humana cover Suboxone prescriptions and treatment?

Humana covers various addiction treatment services, including various brands of prescription medications. Suboxone is one of the many prescription medicine indicated for opioid addiction, which may be covered through Humana, depending on your plan. To determine if your specific plan covers Suboxone treatment, call customer support to speak with a representative of Humana.

Does Humana cover Methadone prescriptions and treatment?

Methadone is an opioid medication often referred to as a narcotic that reduces withdrawal symptoms associated with heroin addiction. Humana covers drug and alcohol treatment, including inpatient, outpatient and partial hospitalization options, depending on your plan. This coverage could also include methadone clinics. A medical advisor can discuss the features of your specific plan to let you know if methadone treatment is covered.

Humana Mental Health Coverage

Humana mental health coverage is one of the many options for members. Humana has a network of more than 65,000 psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, licensed professional counselors and nurse practitioners. Members can call the Customer Service number or visit their website to determine the Humana mental health providers that will be in-network for them. If you have questions about coverage or Humana health providers, an advisor will be glad to answer them for you.

Humana insurance covers mental health services. Members are asked to contact the member service number on their Humana ID card to find mental health providers, and the insurance company informs members that some health plans may use a different network of mental health care providers.

People with Humana insurance can contact a Member Service Specialist to find the right service providers for their needs. Many of the mental and behavioral health services provided by Humana are administered by Humana Behavioral Health, a subsidiary of Humana.

Humana Behavioral Health Coverage

Most Humana insurance policies cover a wide variety of behavioral health services, which include substance use services. These are available for holders of Humana commercial policies. Humana Behavioral Health manages these services. Humana plans do cover behavioral health services for members, but many of these services require pre-authorization from Humana Behavioral Health to begin coverage. If you have questions about Humana Behavioral health providers, call customer support or visit Humana’s FAQs page.

Services that require pre-authorization from Humana:
    • Residential treatment [ View Program ]
    • Partial hospitalization (PHP)
    • Inpatient hospitalization (overnight)
    • Applied behavioral or mental health analysis

Use Disorder Coverage

Humana offers a wide variety of healthcare plans. To view their different options and plans, log into their customer portal on their website ( On their site, you can see the HMO and PPO plans that are available.

HMO Health Insurance Plans (Health Maintenance Organization)

An HMO plan gives the enrollee access to certain doctors, providers, and hospitals within the specified network. This network of medical professionals and locations have all agreed to provide lower rates for the individuals that are enrolled in that particular plan. Coverage is guaranteed if you see a provider within the HMO network in which you are enrolled. Certain HMO plans provide opportunities to see non-network providers as well.

HMO plans might require the enrollee to choose a specific primary care physician (PCP) within that plan or network along with a referral from a PCP to see specialists for particular medical needs. Plans may not cover costs associated with providers that are outside the network. HMO plan premiums are usually lower than most plans. Another bonus is that there is generally no deductible or they might have a negligible deductible. Deductibles represent the amount of total costs that the policy holder must come out of pocket to pay before their policy kicks in to cover costs.

PPO Health Insurance Plans (Preferred Provider Organization)

A PPO health insurance plan provides much more flexible options when the policy holder chooses a specific provider or hospital. PPO plan holders are more likely to pay costs for non-network providers. However, a PPO plan by Humana may cover a lower percentage of the cost in comparison to an HMO. Lastly, PPO premiums are usually higher, and they almost always carry a deductible.

Most insurance policies have copays in addition to their deductible rates. To better understand this, if you had a 75/25 copay on your Humana plan, this would indicate that the Humana is responsible for 75% of the insurance costs and the policy holder is responsible for rest, which would be 25% in this case.

Humana Drug & Alcohol Rehab for U.S. Residents

If you want to recover from substance use disorder, Serenity Springs Recovery Center can help you! With a Humana health insurance plan, you will no longer have to worry about the financial obstacles that can potentially deter you from a full and successful journey of recovery.

Serenity Springs Recovery Center has amenities along with outstanding results that most programs in the country or even throughout the world do not have. Our top-rated Florida Recovery Center is among the best in the state of Florida, and we pride ourselves on our ability to guide our clients to a full recovery from drug addiction or alcoholism. Our 12-step approach is very effective and we have yet to meet a case of addiction that we could not handle. If you do not have health insurance coverage or coverage through Humana, we still encourage you to contact us to discuss other financing options or payment plans. Call us today at 386-423-4540 for more information.

Here are some of the services offered to Humana health insurance members:
  • A successful and effective addiction recovery program often involves several treatment methods. This is why it’s important to know exactly which services your health insurance plan covers.
  • Serenity Springs will coordinate with Humana, customizing a treatment program tailored to your needs. Your program might include our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) as an aftercare option. This would be included along with our inpatient treatment and clinical services. We aim to simplify the financial side of drug and alcohol rehabilitation so you can focus on your recovery.
  • Depending on the individual policy, Humana members have several drug addiction and alcohol abuse treatment options. These options will most likely include individual therapy, group therapy sessions, and medication management.
  • Humana insurance will also cover our 12-Step Immersion Program and some of our alternative treatments, such as, acupuncture. This way the client enrolled in one of these plans is guaranteed an effective program.

We are well-prepared to help any client recover from addiction and begin the journey towards a happy, joyous, and free lifestyle. Read about our program of recovery throughout our website or call 386-423-4540 to speak with an admissions coordinator about entry to our outstanding recovery program.