Looking for a rehab center is the first step toward a drug-free and alcohol-free life. There are In-Patient and Out-Patient rehab options—either may be ideal for you, depending on the extent of your addiction and your commitments. Serenity Springs Recovery Center is an Orlando rehab that offers several levels of care for men looking to fight their addictions.

What Is an In-Patient Rehab Center?

An In-Patient rehab center is a facility that offers substance abuse treatment in a residential setting. Clients receiving treatment in these centers stay in the facilities full-time for the duration of their treatment. In-Patient rehab may be ideal for people with a long history of drug abuse and those who need help detoxing.

Serenity Springs Recovery runs an In-Patient program dedicated to helping you regain control over your life. Our guests live full-time on our 38-acre lakefront property and follow a daily routine to help them fight addiction, heal their bodies and minds, and take back control of their lives. Our daily routine typically starts with meditation and breakfast. Afterward, guests participate in activities like individual therapy, workouts and recreational activities, group therapy, and book study sessions. Our days end with dinner and nightly reviews that allow guests to reflect on their achievements during the day.

What Is an Out-Patient Rehab Center?

An Out-Patient rehab center offers substance abuse treatment while allowing individuals to live at home. It can be suitable for individuals who have commitments that may prevent them from living full-time in a rehab facility — these may be work, school, or family obligations. Out-Patient rehab can also be suitable for people who’ve already undergone In-Patient treatment and need additional but less-restrictive support. Residential patients typically step down to Out-Patient levels of care throughout the course of their treatment.

Serenity Springs Recovery runs two main Out-Patient programs — a PHP, Partial Hospitalization Program, and an IOP, Intensive Out-Patient Program. Our Partial Hospitalization Program is less restrictive than the Intensive In-Patient Program, as clients can live at home and receive treatment five to seven days a week for several hours each day. The Intensive Out-Patient Program is the most flexible as it only requires clients to seek addiction care for several hours a week, allowing them to get back to, or maintain their normal routine throughout the duration of their treatment.

What Are the Key Differences in Rehab Centers?

In-Patient and Out-Patient treatments differ in intensity. Our In-Patient treatment features round-the-clock supervision from our dedicated personnel and may be a better option for people with long-term substance abuse difficulties. Our high staff-to-client ratio allows us to keep a close eye on all our guests, so we can help control client withdrawal symptoms effectively.

In-Patient and Out-Patient treatment may differ in duration; In-Patient programs usually begin at 30 day stays and Out-Patient programs can last around 12 weeks. Some individuals begin at the Out-Patient level of care, depending on their recovery, and Residential patients typically step down to Out-Patient throughout the course of their treatment, while they integrate back into a more regular routine.

Our treatment programs also differ in terms of flexibility. In-Patient treatment requires you to fully immerse yourself into your recovery journey as you live in your chosen rehab center. Out-Patient rehab is more flexible as it allows you to maintain your life outside rehab. Our qualified staff will work with you to determine the level of care that best suits your needs and your lifestyle.

Serenity Springs Recovery: Your Ideal Orlando Rehab Center

If you’re trying to beat substance addiction, look no further than Serenity Springs Recovery Center, an Orlando rehab center. Our professionals can create an individualized treatment plan based on the types of substances you use and the period of use.

Serenity Springs Recovery Center can aid in your recovery journey through both our In-Patient and Out-Patient treatment programs. Both programs are run by qualified medical, recovery, and specialty staff dedicated to help you achieve sobriety and overall wellness for your mind, body, and spirit. Contact us to get on the path to recovery, conquer addiction, and reach your true potential. Email us at or call (386) 423-4540 for more.

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