Published On: October 27, 2016

Dangerous Drug Outlawed in Florida


A “new” and extremely dangerous drug has surfaced in Central Florida with 8 confirmed deaths already reported in the state and 80 nationwide.

U-47700 was developed by a team at Upjohn in the 1970’s and is reported to be 7.5 to 8 times stronger than morphine. The potency of this drug is causing alarming side effects and deaths nationwide. Some of the most noticeable side effects are severe itching, respiratory depression, and death.

Drugs sold on the internet

Thomas Fawcett, a director at Serenity Springs Recovery Center in Edgewater, Florida and a member of the Orange County Heroine Task Force is specific about bringing awareness to the fact that online websites are the new drug dealers. “These dangerous and deadly drugs have gone from being sold on the street corner to being readily available through your computer keyboard.”

This drug is very addictive and one of the factors that add to the detrimental effect of it is the resistance to Narcan. Narcan is what emergency responders use to stop the effects of opioids when an overdose is occurring.

U-47700 is illegal in Sweden and in some states in the US. Attorney General Pam Bondi stopped in Ocala on Tuesday to sign an emergency order that makes U-47700 illegal statewide.

Program Director, Tommy Lloyd, LMHC, states “Serenity Springs is constantly evolving to stay on the leading edge of treatment and we remain hyper vigilant to combat the use of new, more potent drugs.”