Published On: April 11, 2023

How Does Exercise Help With Recovery at a Rehab Center?

How does exercise help with recovery at a rehab center

Exercise is key to recovery, and we offer several options for fitness at our Orlando rehab center for that reason. At Serenity Springs Recovery, our goal is to help you with your recovery journey, and we do this by adding exercise, therapy, and spiritual aspects to our recovery program. Here is how exercising can help with your recovery at our rehab center:

Exercise and Recovery

At Serenity Springs Recovery, we believe physical activity can be very beneficial as part of a well-rounded rehabilitation program. When you are healthy physically, it may be easier to move through your recovery process. A healthy body can deal better with the stress of staying sober. Here are some of the ways that exercise can help with your recovery:

Change Dopamine Response

Through physical exercise, you may be able to get a high dopamine response. When a person is addicted to drugs or alcohol, they can get a “high” when they use it. Regular exercise may give you a similar response and help rewire your perspective while recovering.

Increase Brain Function

Addiction can negatively affect brain function, which is why we offer our fitness services. Physical exercise can help decrease anxiety and depression and improve your memory.

Reduce Pain Symptoms

Another benefit to exercise is that it may reduce pain symptoms associated with addiction. Addiction may begin with wanting to find relief from pain sustained from an injury or disease. Exercise can be a great way to reduce your pain symptoms without needing drugs or other addictive substances.

Fitness During Rehab

Proper Nutrition Is Also Crucial

Fitness goes beyond physical exercises. Proper nutrition is also crucial in supporting whole-body wellness. There are several reasons for this, but the most important one is that the right nutrients support better physical health. This is especially true during recovery.

Another reason proper nutrition is crucial is that many addicts don’t eat correctly or hydrate as they should during the peaks of drug or alcohol addiction. Over time, this can cause imbalances and even diseases that place a physical strain on the body.

Although a healthy diet and proper hydration can’t reverse certain problems, they can help support the body and mind, lowering the risk that any issues will worsen.

Fitness During Rehab

At Serenity Springs Recovery, we offer several services to keep you on track with your fitness goals while in recovery. Here are some of the services we offer:

Educated Medical Staff

Some addictions may leave your body with adverse effects that require medication and supplements. Our full-service medical staff can help you with any medications or supplements you may need while helping keep you on track in recovery.

Professional Chef

We have a professional chef on staff that will prepare all your meals during your time with us. Proper nutrition is part of maintaining a healthy physical exercise routine. By beginning your recovery with the appropriate nutrition, it may be easier to continue after you’ve left our facility.

Variety of Recreational Activities

Recovery may be easiest to do in group settings by relying on one another to keep the goals you set. We offer recreational and sports activities, such as exercise classes, yoga, cornhole in the yard, fishing, bowling and golf outings, just to name a few. These extracurricular activities can help to motivate each other throughout the recovery process and journey to improve physical health.

Choose Serenity Springs for Your Orlando Rehab Center

Serenity Springs Recovery offers all-male residential, partial hospitalization, and intensive outpatient treatment plans. We know that addiction recovery has several moving parts, and we provide services to help improve each part. Our programs touch on the recovery process’s mental, physical, and spiritual aspects. Exercise can often be an element of recovery that some rehab centers glaze over. Because of this, we want to home in on why it can help by providing different types of fitness to help your recovery. Contact Serenity Springs Recovery today to learn how exercise can help improve your recovery.