Published On: August 23, 2017

New Holistic Treatment: Amino Acid Therapy for Addiction

As many addicts will tell you, addiction is less about what they are addicted to and more about why they are addicted to it. As more and more research emerges around addiction and treatments for addiction, it is clear that the brain and its functions play a huge role. Without physically changing the way the brain is working, addictions are nearly impossible to overcome. Even if one habit is dropped, another will be picked up just as quickly. This is why many addicts are known to jump from substance to substance, habit to habit.

According to Psychology Today, many addictions are indeed psychologically based, which means that the actions of an addict are more psychological than they are physical. Of course, whether or not an addiction is truly a disease or a mental illness is still up for debate and remains to be a highly controversial subject. However, debating what causes addiction or why people become addicts isn’t immediately helpful for individuals dealing with its effects right now. In order to help individuals with addictions function in daily life, and to perhaps even save their life in some cases, effective treatments need to be discovered and made available.


One such treatment has of late been incredibly promising. A completely holistic treatment that is showing positive results in the lives of addicts, Amino Acid Therapy directly impacts the brain, repairing areas that have been negatively impacted by years of addiction. Contact Serenity Springs Recovery Center about the Amino Acid Therapy they offer to anyone looking to restore damages from substance abuse.

Why do Amino Acid Treatments work?

By nature of the addiction, most alcohol, drug, and other substance addicts are very nutrient depleted. Their years of misuse take a toll on the body and leave their brain, among other things, in disrepair. In order to help the body and brain recover, addicts need to replenish the nutrients that they have drained.

Among these nutrients, amino acids are the most important for recovery because they directly impact the neurotransmitters of the brain. The brain’s neurotransmitters are designed to react to their environment, which is why they can be damaged and altered by substance abuse. When these neurotransmitters no longer function as they should, the brain suffers, confusing how it perceives and understands pleasure. Neurotransmitters also have the ability to alter mood, proving substance addiction can produce such a dangerous tailspin.

By bolstering the brain’s neurotransmitters with an influx of amino acids, these centers can be rebuilt and restored. When they are, people with addictions are freed from the cycle. Initial amino acid therapy sessions allow other key elements of recovery to take hold. Without first treating the brain, other treatments will be less effective and the results will be short-lived.

What does an Amino Acid Therapy session involve?

At most recovery clinics, amino acid therapy is given to addicts intravenously. A highly-concentrated solution, these amino acids are dripped intravenously for up to eight hours each day. While this may seem like a long time, these sessions are effective because of prolonged exposure. In order for the amino acids to have an opportunity to actually repair the neurotransmitters in the brain, they need to be given ample time to do their work.

As amino acids enter the body, the brain receives the tools its need to repair the damage that has been done over the years. For many addicts, they will undergo this day-long treatment for about a week in order to receive lasting benefits. For some addicts who have been using substances recently, the treatment needs to last much longer, sometimes up to fifteen days. Read more about Serenity Springs’ Amino Acid Therapy and Neurorecover from one of our clinical staff, Dr. John Humiston

Will the results of Amino Acid Therapy last?

When you start to rebuild the structures of the brain, you get lasting results. Incredibly, most addicts that undergo amino acid treatment say that are freed from cravings and depression. An article featured on Integrative Psychiatry reveals that not only does this type of therapy have lasting effects for addiction treatment, but it has incredible lasting results for individuals suffering from depression.

“Using amino acids (neurotransmitter precursors) in certain combinations, and with appropriate administration timing allows us to manufacture more of the specific mood elevating neurotransmitters in the brain.”

As a major underlying cause of many addictions, the capacity to treat depression as well as the addiction itself is just one reason why this type of therapy really works. Unlike pharmaceutical solutions that play with neurotransmitters in the brain, amino acid therapy actually rebuilds them. Without amino acid therapy, many individuals become reliant on prescription drugs, needing them in order to keep their brain functioning. Amino acid therapy has the benefit of not needing these types of drugs, as the brain is actually healed and rebuilt during treatment. This treatment is offered at Serenity Springs Recovery Center as part of our Health and Wellness program.

Where do you find Amino Acid Treatments for addicts?

Many clinics and treatment centers today offer amino acid therapy as an effective holistic treatment for addiction. Although the treatment is becoming more common, it’s always important to make sure it is done properly in order to get lasting results. Some professionals recommend having tests done that show which amino acids your body needs the most in order to receive those that will specifically help you during recovery. Replacing amino acids that the body is deficient in during treatment sessions is a powerful form of lasting therapy.

While you can find clinics that offer one-day treatment sessions, that is not enough for an addict or alcoholic. Sporadic treatments, although not harmful, will not have the same results as ones that are done consistently for several days, or weeks, at a time. If you deal with chronic addiction and need help, amino acid therapy treatments are effective. However, you will need to commit to back-to-back therapy. You should also choose a place where you are supported through the recovery and treatment process.

Find an addiction treatment center you can trust, one that can see you through from start to finish. You can use amino acid treatments to finally beat your addiction. Serenity Springs has helped so many do just that. Cutting-edge treatment options are available to all and are another component of our formula for success!