Published On: November 18, 2021

Best Drug Rehab Near Tampa, Florida

Addiction does not get better without help; it gets worse. And for many people, no matter what they do to try and fight their addiction, nothing seems to work. We see it time and time again where the endless cycle of addiction prevents you from living a happy and healthy life, but it does not have to continue any longer.

If you are looking for a treatment center near Tampa, Florida, look no further than Serenity Springs Recovery Center. Our programs are designed to encourage you to live a life free from the clutches of your addiction. With the full support of our dedicated staff, exceptional services, holistic approach, and relaxing environment, you too will know what it feels like to live a healthy and happy life once more.

Best Rehab Center for Residents of Tampa, Florida

Serenity Springs Recovery Center is not just an addiction treatment facility; we are so much more than that. For many of our clients that come into our programs, we offer a holistic approach to treating addiction and individualized plans to help pave the way to recovery. Unlike many other Tampa drug rehabilitation centers, we offer a deeper approach to healing for a more successful recovery journey.

Our Services

Our services are what set us apart from many other Tampa drug rehabs. We understand that each of our clients is a unique individual that has different goals and needs. Therefore, we offer two gender-specific men’s programs dedicated to helping you fight your addiction. Each program includes the same exceptional services and dedicated support from our staff of master-level clinicians, medical and treatment professionals.

12- Step Immersion

When people think of addiction treatment, the word “alcoholics anonymous” often pops up in their minds. AA is well-known in the addiction treatment community for a variety of reasons. For those who have suffered addiction first hand or witnessed a loved one dealing with these issues, AA may have played an essential role in their journey to recovery.

The 12-Step Program was created by the founder of Alcoholics Anonymous, Bill Wilson. This 12-step approach to healing was broken down to make the journey to recovery less overwhelming and more successful. Unfortunately, many treatment facilities have implemented their version since its creation, which has created negative misconceptions of the program and a decrease in successful recoveries.

We believe that through healing the mind, body, and spirit and implementing a structured 12-step program, you are better able to succeed on their journey to recovery. We offer clients the ability to experience the 12-step program in its truest form for long-term success.

Medial Services

Addiction is not only a disease that affects the mind but the body as well. Short- and long-term use can have irreversible and detrimental effects on your physical health. Our medical staff is trained in addressing symptoms arising from these health concerns to make your journey to recovery more comfortable. During your enrollment into our programs, you will meet with master-level clinicians, psychiatrists, and medical professionals who will work together to ensure your physical and mental health are tended to.

Therapeutic Services

A key component to your recovery from the stigma of addiction is developing a solid foundation of improved mental health that lays the groundwork for addressing your substance abuse issues. We offer a variety of addiction and psychiatric treatment services for those suffering from addiction and mental health disorders.

By offering a dual focus approach to healing, we can better help you overcome complex substance abuse issues. Our team of psychiatrists and mental health counselors work with you to help develop an individualized treatment plan to help improve your mental health throughout your journey to recovery.

Health and Wellness

At Serenity Springs Recovery Center, we work with you to understand all factors impacting overall wellness to design a treatment plan specifically tailored to your needs. Our wellness activities are focused on healing your body from the inside out, and these services play an integral role in your recovery journey.

Our men’s residential facility offers you the ability to participate in wellness activities such as golfing, fishing, outdoor games, and much more. We also have a fully-equipped gym to help you increase feel-good hormones and relieve stress.

During your stay in our men’s residential facility, you will be provided with meals prepared daily by our onsite professional chef and specifically designed by our dietitian to be balanced and nutritious. Healthy meals not only give you the energy to work on healing your addiction, but they help to contribute to your overall wellness.

Life Skills

Our programs are designed to help you on your journey to recovery during and after substance abuse treatment. We believe that by teaching you the tools to lead a healthy and sober life while in our care, you can then apply these techniques after treatment. Going back to an environment that once fueled your addiction can feel overwhelming. With an individualized after-care plan, you will be better prepared to resume life with the tools and knowledge you gained from our programs to lead a life free from addiction. Although these resources and new lessons are significant, we understand that they may not be enough to help you continue your journey to recovery. Your aftercare plan resources may include but are not limited to:

  • sober living
  • outpatient work
  • medical providers
  • individual counseling
  • specialists
  • psychiatrist

What Type of Amenities Does Serenity Springs Recovery Center Offer?

Every aspect of our programs and facilities is designed to facilitate healing and recovery. Our men’s residential facility is located on 32-acres of beautiful lakefront property. This sanctuary invites you to immerse yourself in the journey of healing fully. Throughout the program, you will experience individualized care from our dedicated staff of master-level clinicians, medical and treatment professionals. Our 2:1 staff-to-client ratio allows us to give you the undivided attention you need for a more profound healing journey.

During your stay within our facilities, you will be given a modern designed and comfortable room to reflect on your daily activities and promote R&R. Our onsite chef and nutritionist work together to create healthy and nutritious meals daily, encouraging overall wellness. We also encourage you to enjoy our fully equipped gym and outdoor amenities to promote total body healing.

What Happens When I Go to A Tampa Drug Treatment Facility?

Once an individualized treatment plan has been created for you, you can enter into our facilities that very same day. Upon arrival, you will be given a dedicated personal therapist and recovery advocate that will work with you one on one throughout your journey. You will also be encouraged to participate in group therapy sessions along with individual one on one counseling with your therapist. These sessions help you gain insight into your addiction and relate to others going through the same journey. We believe that having a strong support group is vital for recovery. Our group therapy sessions will allow you to gain support from fellow addicts and better understand your triggers in the process.

Our men’s residential programs allow you to immerse yourself into recovery fully. Along with our many services, you will have full access to our top-quality amenities. We believe that health plays a vital role in recovering from addiction. We strive to help encourage rejuvenation and replenishment through overall wellness activities and care. A balanced diet is also part of this process and will help you regain control of your health for long-term success and fulfillment. Our onsite professional chef creates nutrient-balanced meals for every client to optimize total body healing.

What’s Different About Serenity Spring Recovery Center?

What makes Serenity Springs different, you may ask? We have a dedicated staff of medical and treatment professionals who focus on wellness, therapeutic services, and much more. Combined with an individualized treatment plan, we create a unique recovery experience and give you all the resources to lead a sober life successfully. During treatment, you will receive the utmost compassion, care, and support while reaping all the excellent benefits our specialized amenities offer. Whether you are involved in our in-patient or men’s residential outpatient program, the chances of a successful recovery are much higher when you choose Serenity Springs Recovery Center.

What to Expect During Addiction Treatment?

By understanding what to expect from drug rehab, you can better prepare yourself for the journey ahead. At Serenity Springs Recovery Center, you can expect to learn lifelong solutions to help you throughout your journey to recovery. Our 12-step immersion program, along with spiritual interventions, will help you get the most out of our treatment programs. You will also receive full support from our dedicated staff consisting of medical and treatment professionals. Each person involved in your recovery will help you better understand your addiction and ultimately give you the tools to continue your journey after the treatment program has ended.

We value individualization and understand that no addiction is the same, nor is every client. This concept is the building block to our approach to healing the mind, body, and spirit, which we use to guide you through recovery from your addiction. During your time within our programs, you will receive individual attention from our staff members. Our client-to-staff ratio allows for a higher rate of long-term success within our programs because they get the support they need and deserve. We use a multidisciplinary approach which will enable us to create the most optimal treatment plan for each client. Some of these services include:

  • psychiatric care
  • yoga
  • relapse prevention
  • family services
  • one on one counseling
  • acupuncture

How Much is Drug Rehab in Tampa, Florida?

Are you looking for an addiction treatment program near Tampa? Are you worried about how you will afford the help you need? If so, you are not alone. Many people addicted to drugs or alcohol begin worrying about these costs shortly after realizing a severe issue. It’s natural to think about how much it will cost when considering drug rehab near Tampa. However, that doesn’t mean it is something you should postpone until later or that it should cause additional stress in your life.

One factor that goes into the cost behind the therapy is the type of program you enroll in. When you discuss your treatment plan with an admission coordinator, they will be able to give you an exact price point on how much drug rehab treatment will cost. With so many facilities in the area, the competitive prices can make anyone looking for treatment confused and stressed out.

The price of drug rehabilitation near Tampa, Florida, depends on many factors such as program quality, duration of treatment, and the individual’s medical needs. Typically, drug rehab cost is much less expensive than the cost of prolonged drug abuse without intervention. At Serenity Springs Recovery Center, we understand that not everyone can afford to seek addiction treatment. Because of this, we work hand in hand with many different insurance companies to help relieve the financial stress of paying for drug rehab. Even if your insurance provider does not cover the entire cost of rehabilitation, we can create a payment plan with you that can be adjusted to your financial needs.

Drug Statistics in Tampa Florida

From March 2020 to March 2021, the CDC, also known as the Center for Disease Control, collected data regarding drug overdoses throughout the country. The results were staggering compared to recent years, with an estimated 30% overall increase in overdoses; with 10% of that number accounting for drug overdoses in Florida alone. Although drug addiction is not a new issue, the rise in overdose is alarming and calls for action.

Seeking help for your addiction is the only way to prevent yourself from becoming part of these statistics. Are you ready to finally conquer your addiction and begin to live a happy and healthy life? If so, contact us today at Serenity Springs Recovery Center for help. Our drug and alcohol rehabilitation center which is located a few short hours from Tampa, Florida, is the place that countless men have been able to beat the odds of their addictions; and you can do it too.

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