Published On: March 24, 2020

Despite criticism, Alcoholics Anonymous does save lives

Research has shown and specialists often promote alcoholics anonymous as a fundamental treatment method in overcoming alcoholism. And, while not always perfect and exhibiting its own pros and cons, AA consistently works well when compared with many other approaches.

But, the reality is that alcoholism and addiction are complicated issues, and everybody is different and has different pasts and issues. Keeping techniques like 12-step recovery and organizations like Alcoholics Anonymous alive is crucial, as anything that leads individuals to effective recovery is a positive.

AA is the foundation for many similar programs

Alcoholics Anonymous, which is a 12-step program, has caused a number of similar programs to sprout up, such as Celebrate and Smart. These kinds of programs are respected in the world of recovery due to their accessibility and the fact that they provide individuals with a solid foothold. These programs tend to target the psychology, considering personality traits and traumas which make them more personal and holistic.

Like with any group of new people, it’s important to set boundaries

While some criticize AA for sometimes being unsafe due to predatory individuals, most report that their peers are respectful and that the atmosphere is supportive. In any situation where you are entering a group of new people, it’s important to set boundaries. This doesn’t mean keeping your guard up or shutting out the group. It’s more so just proceeding with a healthy degree of caution when it comes to meeting new people.

It’s not about being a powerless victim

Some have also argues that Alcoholics Anonymous acknowledges the alcoholic’s powerlessness and that it can have a negative effect by shining a light on that. However, it’s often the case that individuals with addictions have a false sense of control, thinking they can stop at any time. Once they recognize and accept that the alcohol does have a power over them, they’re more able to move along toward recovery.

Alcoholics Anonymous doesn’t promote viewing oneself as a powerless victim, as much as it encourages individuals to seek a higher power. And, even in this case, many people in the program say they don’t feel pressure to be spiritual. The program more so promotes seeking solace and comfort in something to lead to recovery.

AA isn’t a quick fix – and recovering from addiction shouldn’t be

Like many things in our society, people want a quick fix that doesn’t require much effort or work to put in. People also want a way to become sober or recovery alone and on their own terms, and avoid divulging a lot. And, while that may seem like the ideal situation, the reality is that recovery isn’t possible without hard work and support from others.

Individuals with addictions must face difficult truths and shed a sense of selfishness in order to heal and start their recovery process. Being patient through your recovery process, no matter where you go, can help with this.

AA helps get to the root cause

Another common theme among alcoholics or those with addictions is a lack of self-esteem, which is also coupled with a lack of humility. Many people who are suffering from addiction either flat out deny their problem, blame it on someone or something else or, oftentimes, both. Programs like Alcoholics Anonymous approach the psychology of a person and work to help them get to the root of the issue.

The connection with similar individuals make AA successful

While there are many treatments for addiction out there, including biological and medicinal, there’s no denying that emotions also require attention. Being in a peer support program, listening to and sharing with people with similar stories truly helps people face their emotional traumas. And, very often, the way to get to that point is through a 12-step program. Programs like these help not only recover, but change those with addictions for the better.

If you’re struggling with addiction, seek treatment

When it comes to 12-step programs, it’s important to go with a provider you trust. Intensive programs like the one at Serenity Springs Recovery Center have been shown to have a measurable impact on alcohol recovery. Our team specializes in 12-step addiction treatments and a dual-diagnosis substance abuse treatment. Visit us, today, to find out more!