Published On: February 1, 2021

5 Ways Addictive Traits Keep You Stuck in Addiction


Our personality is what makes us who we are. These traits influence the way that we act and treat others and they see us. Sometimes, though, these aspects of a person’s personality might just be the thing that is keeping them stuck in their own personal struggle with addiction. 

Addictive traits can vary from person to person. However, these can make someone more prone to experimenting with drugs and alcohol and continuing their addiction. Today we will be discussing 5 ways that addictive traits keep someone stuck in a cycle of addiction.  

#1: Being Secretive

Having an addiction to drugs or alcohol is something that many people might be ashamed of. Because of this, being secretive with their actions can be a telltale sign that they might need to seek help but are not. 

A few examples of this type of behavior might include:

  • withholding information
  • leaving unexpectedly for no reason
  • hiding conversations via text or phone call

On the other hand, you could have someone suffering from addiction who might not be secretive about their actions because they are in denial about the addiction itself. 

#2: Manipulation

 When a person becomes consumed with their drug or alcohol addiction, they could manipulate those around them, even those they love, to get what they want. Unfortunately, this behavior strongly affects the ones closest to them and can significantly strain their relationships. 

Manipulation comes in many different forms and can be shown as:

  • making promises to achieve results
  • professing love to distract from the real conversation
  • creating false stories to receive money, help, or drugs

#3: Impulsive Behavior

Impulsive behavior involves acting without thinking about the consequences of your actions. Addiction can make you do things that you might not be proud of because, at the moment, you are only worried about one thing; your addiction. 

Behavior like this can look like a lot of different things, such as:

  • stealing from a loved one
  • shoplifting
  • engaging in reckless behavior  

#4: Lying

Denial and lying go hand-in-hand with addiction. People suffering from drug or alcohol dependency might lie to themselves and others to avoid the bigger picture and address their addiction. 

Over an extended period, a person with an addiction might not see the wrong in lying to others for their own benefit. 

#5: Sensation Seeking  

Sensation seeking is when a person tries to find new experiences that will increase a rush of adrenaline. This could mean using a different drug, using more of a drug, or participating in criminal behavior. 

This can not only be dangerous for their health, but it could place them and the people around them in physical danger. 

Addictive traits do not mean that you will form an addiction. However, it can make you more prone to developing one and being stuck within the addiction for an extended time. Not every person is the same, and that is why we offer individual counseling for people suffering from addiction. If you are interested in learning more about recovery, get in touch with Serenity Springs Recovery Center, today, to find out how we can help you.