Published On: March 3, 2023

7 Features Included in Our Orlando Rehab Center

Serenity Springs Recovery Center is an Orlando rehab center dedicated to helping men leave destructive habits behind and start anew. We treat the mind, body, and spirit—a multifaceted approach that addresses addiction from all angles. Expect to be treated with compassion and respect while receiving the highest level of care.

Seven Features Included in Our Orlando Rehab Center

1. Full-Service Medical Staff

When you enter Serenity Springs Recovery Center, you’ll be under the care of a full-service medical team. Our doctors and nurses are available 24/7 for care and support during your treatment. They’ll monitor your progress, provide medication when necessary, and help you manage withdrawal symptoms.

2. Nutritious and Delicious Meals

Good nutrition is central to recovery. Our Orlando rehab center has an on-site chef who designs delicious and nutritious meals to keep guests satisfied and energized so they can focus on recovery. Along with creating flavorful meals for guests, our chef also teaches a cooking class where guests can learn new recipes and skills. As our guest, you can also access healthy snacks around the clock.

3. Fitness Rehabilitation

Exercise helps reduce stress, improve sleep quality, and boost mental health. We provide various activities and wellness programs designed to meet the needs of each individual. That includes full access to our state of the art gym, group fitness classes, yoga, and other sports and athletics such as fishing in our ponds, golf and bowling. While at Serenity Springs, you’ll be able to stay active and build healthy lifestyle habits to maintain when you leave.

4. Counseling and Therapy for Mental Health

You may have underlying mental and psychological issues that fuel your addiction. Your treatment plan at Serenity Springs Recovery Center will include counseling and therapy to help you cope with any problems affecting your mind. Our therapists use various evidence-based treatments and provide psychiatric evaluations. These help in dual diagnosis and finding the root cause of your addiction.

5. Spiritual and Religious Services

We believe in treating the whole person—body, mind, and spirit. Our rehab center offers holistic healing services to help our guests find peace and purpose. We offer weekly religious church outings to those who chose to participate. Guests can also enjoy outings to a nearby Buddhist Center, a serene environment to practice mindfulness.

6. Acupuncture and Holistic Care

Serenity Springs Recovery Center offers acupuncture care for our guests. Acupuncture helps restore balance in the body, reduce cravings, and relieve physical pain. This and other forms of treatment can provide natural relief from stress and anxiety, helping you stay on track with your recovery journey.

7. Aftercare Planning

We understand that recovery is a lifelong process. After completing your stay at our Orlando rehab center, our team will help you create an aftercare plan to help you stay on track. That may include therapists and doctors in your area, forming a support network of sober friends, attending support groups, and developing new hobbies and interests. We want you to have the necessary tools and resources to maintain long-term sobriety.

Choose Serenity Springs Recovery Center for Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Today

Everyone deserves a chance to enjoy a fulfilling life, and Serenity Springs Recovery Center is here to help. Our Orlando rehab center provides comprehensive treatment programs that address addiction’s physical, mental, and spiritual aspects. With our evidence-based therapies and holistic healing, we can help you regain your freedom from addiction and begin a new chapter of your life.