“In 2015, my life began to spiral downwards. I lost my pride, spirituality, my connection to God and my will to live.  I came to Serenity Springs to get help and found it to be a magical place where everyone is family. I am now joyous and free because of Serenity Springs and all the promises from the Big Book of Alcoholic Anonymous have come true.”

Shawn L, Age 30,

“I was defeated and broken after trying numerous other treatment programs and figuring out ways to get my addiction and alcoholism under control. At Serenity Springs, I thrived because I did not feel judged or ridiculed but inspired and was shown through the 12-Steps that there is a better way of life. I now have the tools, knowledge and experience to life my life beyond anything I could have imagined. Thank you Serenity Springs!”

Dwayne M, Age 56,

“Serenity Springs not only showed me a way out of the insidious disease of addiction, but also made a long term investment in me as a sober recovered person. I came to know that I am a spiritual being. Meditation, mindfulness practices, and working with others who suffer had a profound impact on my choices. I learned to open my heart, my mind, and spirit. I am totally dumbfounded that so much love is available in recovery. Today I can be gentle and kind to myself. I attribute my new found successes in life and my happiness to recovery and Serenity Springs.”

Stephen G, Age 30,

“I went to so many treatment facilities from Los Angeles to Long Island and wasn’t successful. I found Serenity Springs and have maintained my sobriety and am finally living my life beyond my wildest dreams. Serenity Springs gave me my life back.”

Thomas F, Age 25,

“I showed up at Serenity Springs broken, battered and nowhere to turn. Serenity Springs provided the highest level of care and love when I needed it the most. This place saved my life.”

Garrett C, Age 20,