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Stephen G, Age 30

“Serenity Springs not only showed me a way out of the insidious disease of addiction, but also made a long term investment in me as a sober recovered person. I came to know that I am a spiritual being. Meditation, mindfulness practices, and working with others who suffer had a profound impact on my choices. I learned to open my heart, my mind, and spirit. I am totally dumbfounded that so much love is available in recovery. Today I can be gentle and kind to myself. I attribute my new found successes in life and my happiness to recovery and Serenity Springs.”

Diane M, Age 56

“I was defeated and broken after trying numerous other treatment programs and figuring out ways to get my addiction and alcoholism under control. At Serenity Springs, I thrived because I did not feel judged or ridiculed but inspired and was shown through the 12-Steps that there is a better way of life. I now have the tools, knowledge and experience to life my life beyond anything I could have imagined. Thank you Serenity Springs!”

Christine B, Age 30

“In 2015, my life began to spiral downwards. I lost my pride, spirituality, my connection to God and my will to live.  I came to Serenity Springs to get help and found it to be a magical place where everyone is family. I am now joyous and free because of Serenity Springs and all the promises from the Big Book of Alcoholic Anonymous have come true.”

Thomas F, Age 25

“I went to so many treatment facilities from Los Angeles to Long Island and wasn’t successful. I found Serenity Springs and have maintained my sobriety and am finally living my life beyond my wildest dreams. Serenity Springs gave me my life back.”

Garrett C, Age 20

“I showed up at Serenity Springs broken, battered and nowhere to turn. Serenity Springs provided the highest level of care and love when I needed it the most. This place saved my life.”

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This one came from Facebook as a recommendation for our program from a mother of an alumni. This is one of the most inspirational and touching success stories we have seen. Please keep them coming everyone. Thanks to Danielle for this one, there is also a link to her actual story under our Facebook feed.


Our story is probably no different than yours. My 24-year-old son is a drug addict, our entire family became addicts in some way shape or form as we watched our son and brother change emotionally and physically over a 3-year roller coaster ride from what felt like the depths of hell..

Alec was addicted to getting his Adderall high and we as a family were addicted to getting our son and brother back. It was Alec’s world and we were living in it. We have done it all, begged, pleaded, screamed, cried,physically assaulted,enabled,kicked him out, let him back in, screamed more, kicked him out, went looking for him to get him to come home, threatened the sellers, followed him, checked him to make sure he was breathing, drove around in the middle of the night to find him, prayed because I am a nurse that I would be the one to find him dead and not his 20 yr old sister or his father. You name it we have done it.

This is where our story changes, on Sunday, October 14th we had an intervention and Alec agreed to get help, something that not one of us expected so I was then scrambling to find a place for my son. It was 10 o clock on a Sunday night when Brad answered the phone and our lives are forever changed as a result. In the first 5 minutes of talking to this man named Brad, the first 7 calls to places became irrelevant. He was calm, compassionate, understanding and patient as I threw question after question after question at this stranger divulging the most private information about my beautiful 24-year-old son who was so lost and we just as a family weren’t enough to help him. With the most calming confident assurance Brad easily convinced this mother that Serenity Springs is where my son should be and 36 hours later my son and I were on a plane from Buffalo, NY to Florida.

The hardest day of my life as a mother was the morning of Wednesday, October 17th as we waited for Jennifer from Serenity to pick us up at the hotel to drive my son to rehab. Alec was petrified and so was his mother. Jennifer was wonderful telling Alec a bit of her story assuring him he was going to be OK. We arrived and went on a tour of the house and I got to met Greg who would be Alec’s therapist. I left 30 minutes later trusting the most precious important thing in my life to the staff of Serenity Springs, my son.

For the next 30 days let me tell you about that stranger Brad who answered the phone at 10 o clock on Sunday night. His job was technically over, he answered our questions got us in touch with Jennifer he could have been done. He was not, as over the next 30 days Brad who is not physically at Serenity Springs text me at least 3 times a week to check to see how our family was doing. While the staff at Serenity was helping Alec, Brad was helping Alec’s mom more than he could ever imagine. Every time I heard from Brad it gave me the reassurance that we made the right decision of where my son belonged.

My son got to meet Brad his last week at Serenity and hear Brad’s story which I was so happy that got to happen. We picked our son up from Serenity Springs on Thurs November 15th. My son came down the stairs a different kid, it was our son, not the shell of our son for the past 3 years we had experienced, it was our son. Serenity Springs gave my son something that no money in the world could buy. They gave him the tools to own his life again.

It is now up to Alec to continue his journey to recovery and in the 2 weeks today that he has been home what a difference in my son there has been. Do not call another place, make the only phone call you need to Serenity Springs. Our lives are changed forever because of the staff here, especially Jennifer, Greg and of course Brad no longer a stranger, my friend Brad who I hope someday that I will have the pleasure of meeting the man who started the whole process of saving my beautiful boys life.