As a top-rated Florida Recovery Center our medical professionals, clinicians, addiction specialists, and even our owners must truly understand addiction, seeing it for what it is. Addiction is a disease, which brings with it destruction to not only the addict, it impacts loved ones, family members, coworkers, etc. Like a tornado, an active addict or alcoholic uses and/or destroys relationships with anyone who dare enter the beating path of lies, manipulation, and misery. This can make the experience of finding a treatment center very overwhelming and stressful. Our substance abuse treatment team is composed of different specialists to help the client and their loved ones, every step of the way. We are there during admissions & screening, treatment & recovery, and most importantly for the discharge & aftercare planning.

When you call us at 386-423-4540, you will speak to someone that has plenty of experience with addiction. In fact, many of our employees have recovered from drug addiction and/or alcoholism, and are looking to help others recover and take advantage of another chance to change. Our recovery advocates and admissions coordinators can walk you through the pre-screening and admission process while answering any questions you may have about our different treatment options.

Addiction Treatment Guidelines

    • Adult males (Residential & IOP) ages 18 and up, needing treatment for substance use disorder (DSM-V)
    • Those needing detoxification and/or medically/supervised stabilization must complete before entering one of our programs
    • Clients can no longer have symptoms of acute withdrawal from any substances and must be cleared by a qualified physician for admission
    • Must have the ability to perform a reasonable level of self-care including eating, grooming, and preserving orderliness in their living quarters
    • All clients must have a fundamental understanding of the English language

Accepted Health Insurance Providers


Self-Payment Options

Serenity Springs offers private, self-pay rates for both our Residential Program and Outpatient (OP) or Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP). Our treatment team wants every client to recover before they leave our facilities. We try not to let finances get in the way of saving and changing lives of addicts, alcoholics, and their loved ones. Our admissions experts are available 24 hours to help you deal with the financial worries that come along with the treatment process. It is important that our clients and their loved ones are completely comfortable and able to manage whatever payment is agreed upon, before the client enters our program.  If you have more questions or if you would like to speak with us directly, don’t hesitate to call ? (386) 423-4540.

Payment Plans

Let’s find a payment plan and schedule that works for both sides. We have a number of different options to make sure we can accommodate everyone, according to the following factors:

Credit & Assets

Total Amount


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