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Serenity Springs Recovery

Serenity Springs is a fully licensed residential drug and alcohol rehab center located in Central Florida. We specialize in helping those with substance abuse problems. Our clients are seen by our psychiatrist, licensed mental health therapist and a support staff of addiction counselors and recovery advocates. Additionally, we have staff supervised Sober Housing and an Intensive Outpatient Program located in New Smyrna Beach, Florida just minutes away from our main campus. Our peaceful and serene inpatient treatment center provides only the finest of accommodations with a staff-to-client ratio of 1:2; it's no wonder we are often revered as the best drug rehab in Florida.


NeuroRecover Amino Acid Drug & Alcohol Treatment

Serenity Springs is proud to offer the revolutionary NeuroRecover treatment. Pioneered by Dr. William Hitt, the first scientist to create an effective treatment to address the underlying cause of addiction. Research began in the 1980s and the NeuroRecover treatment has since been proven to be the most effective and comprehensive drug and alcohol treatment in the world. The best part about NeuroRecover is the fact that it is 100% all natural, safe, effective, and has zero negative side effects.



NeuroRecover amino acid formulas provide amino acids that have been observed to assist the brain’s natural healing processes, bringing about rapid restoration of brain functions with minimal withdrawal symptoms, even when stopping current drugs or alcohol abruptly. The various NeuroRecover formulas were developed with over twenty years of research with hundreds of patients. Dr. John Humiston of Serenity Springs Recovery Center has used the NeuroRecover treatment to help several hundred patients to recover from the suffering, withdrawal, and future cravings of their drug and alcohol addictions. Download PDF


Our Belief

We believe that Addiction and Chemical Dependency is a disease that deteriorates the body, punishes the mind, destroys the spirit and impacts the entire family. And YOU Can Recover!