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gold seal for the Joint Commission Accreditiation earned by Serenity Springs
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Pastor Joe’s Story of Recovery

How God Ignited His Success and Recovery from Cocaine Addiction

Joseph Adevai, CEO of Serenity Springs Recovery CenterMeet the CEO of Serenity Springs Recovery Center, Pastor Joseph Adevai. Joe’s journey out of cocaine addiction began with faith in God. Once he was able to trust God and commit to his sobriety, Joe became very successful. He was able to retire from a prestigious position on Wall Street, New York City at a very young age from a multi-billion dollar company.

Joe’s story of experience, strength and hope in the video above, shows how God quickly turned his life around. Fortunately, his past struggles with substance abuse and cocaine addiction led him to our treatment center in Edgewater, Florida. Joe believes in the power of God and recognized that power in the passion he felt from Jim Marshall, Owner of Serenity Springs Recovery Center. A Reason to Live by Joseph Carlucci Adevai (book front cover)Joe, too has a passion for helping others by carrying the Word of God as a Pastor in New Jersey. His passion for telling his story translated his first published book, “A Reason to Live,” available now on Amazon.

At Serenity Springs we carry the message of Alcoholic’s Anonymous and The Twelve Steps to those suffering from drug addiction, alcohol abuse, and often mental health or trauma. It is very rewarding to watch the hopeless and broken addicts and alcoholics go from a state of non-existence to Recovered with God running the show now. Serenity Springs has witnessed some miraculous transformations of mind, body, and spirit occur in our clients. Our foundation for recovery is based on spiritual principles, which we feel is the best way for the sick and suffering addicts and alcoholics to fully recover from the baffling disease of addiction that knows no boundaries and affects so many.

Joe had to be a part of the solution at Serenity Springs Recovery Center and flies into Daytona Beach Airport here in Volusia County, Florida, twice a year out of Newark Airport in New Jersey to spread his powerful message of faith in God. Pastor Joe continues to touch so many with his sermons at Grace Church of North Brunswick in New Jersey.

Do you need God to fully recover from addiction?

“Half measures availed us nothing.” -Big Book of Alcoholic’s Anonymous

When I first came to Serenity Springs, I used to hear this phrase from the counselors often. I acted like I knew what it meant. One day, when Pastor Joe Adevai was there, he showed us the Cycle of Addiction, illustrated above, and presented the following metaphor:three frogs sitting on a log - metaphor for decisions (faith in God needs action)

“Three frogs were on a log. One makes the decision to jump off. How many frogs are on the log?”

Of course, I shouted out, “TWO!”

Pastor Joe said, “No, there were three frogs left on the log. A decision is just a decision, if it isn’t followed by ACTION! To know God is to seek Him.”

That is when I knew that it wasn’t just about putting down the drugs and alcohol. This was about changing everything in my life that was destroying my internal and spiritual condition. It was time for the action that Pastor Joe was talking about. The action of following through with the step work and constantly seeking God has kept me sober for over three years.  –Jeremy T.

Always Improve Your Spiritual Condition


hands touching to signify faith in God/Higher Power


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The Spiritual Malady

7 Symptoms of Spiritual Malady

1 – Trouble with our personal relationships

2 – Inability to control our emotional natures

3 – Prey to Misery and Depression

4 – Feelings of Uselessness

5 – Can’t Make a Living

6 – Full of Fear

7 – Unhappy

the wheel of misfortune showing life with and without power (God/Higher Power)

Get Help with an Addiction

If you feel like you or one of your loved ones is suffering from any of these symptoms or is struggling with drug or alcohol abuse, we have the solution. The Serenity Springs Recovery team has a very high rate of success. Our clients and alumni build relationships parallel to that of a brotherhood or fraternity and are living proof of how powerful this program really is. Please contact us today and get help with the epidemic of substance abuse that our addiction treatment center has been overcoming for years!

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