Staff to Client Ratio

With our 2:1 counselor to client ratio, our program is more personalized.

Lowest Ratio Available (2:1)

Since opening in 2011, Serenity Springs Recovery Center has made a name as central Florida’s premier men’s inpatient drug and alcohol rehabilitation center. Serenity Springs recognizes how important individualized care is to the treatment, recovery, and well-being of its clients. To ensure this standard of care is met throughout your stay, the Center offers the lowest client to staff ratio.

Why do staff to client ratios matter?

According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, agencies licensed by the United States Department of Health and Human Services are given the following distinctions:

  • Low Ratio: A maximum of four clients to one staff member
  • Medium Ratio: 5:1 up to 14:1
  • High Ratio: Over 14 clients to each staff member

In addition, around half of all states in the country mandate certain staffing standards for state licensure of rehabilitation programs. Some states require a maximum of 8:1 ratio, while in others, the maximum ratio is 12:1.

But what does this mean for your recovery? It’s well documented, throughout healthcare that lower client to staff ratio links directly to improved quality of care and better outcomes.

Striving to be Best

Serenity Springs is committed to providing the best possible outcomes for our clients, offering the highest level of support, attention, and understanding. Once you are a client at Serenity Springs, our JCAHO and CARF accredited providers—including doctors, nurses, nutritionists, and counselors will meet to go over your case. A unique care plan is then developed to specifically address your needs. We understand that reaching your recovery goal depends on the ability for you and your counselor to connect. This is why we offer a 2:1 counselor to client ratio. Our lower staffing ratio means you will have more access to your counselor. This facilitates a closer relationship and allows your counselor to better understand you, as a person.

Rehabilitation Services

At Serenity Springs, we utilize a multidisciplinary approach which allows us to treat the mind, body and spirit for a higher chance of recovery. All of our providers are experts in their field and utilize specialized treatments for each individual client. Below are some of the offerings we provide our clients at Serenity Springs Recovery Center:

  Weekly outing
  Acupuncture (on-site)
 Basic yoga or stretching
  Team sports and athletics
Serenity Springs Recovery Center