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Beacon Health Options have provided health care options to Americans for the last thirty years, with over seventy locations across the U.S. They cover most addiction treatment programs that offer both clinical mental health and substance use disorder, which is known as dual diagnosis management when combined. Beacon Health Options also work with employee assistance programs, and career life-support, and offer special programs for autism and depression to all of their policyholders. They provide access to a large number of mental and behavioral health providers and facilities, encompassing all levels of addiction, and mental and behavioral health services.

As a drug and alcohol rehabilitation program, Serenity Springs is an in-network provider for Beacon Health Options (formerly, Value Options). As an insurance company, Beacon Health Options are welcomed partners for Serenity Springs. Beacon Health, unlike many other insurance companies, are proactive towards mental illness, substance abuse addiction, and behavioral health needs of its members. If covered by Beacon Health Options you will discover that mental health, substance abuse addiction, and behavioral health is not secondary to physical health like most insurance companies practice. If you or someone you know struggles with substance abuse addiction, have mental or behavioral health needs and are finding it difficult to get coverage Beacon Health Options you may find can better suit your needs.

Serenity Springs Recovery Center is an in-network provider of Beacon Health Options. Call 386-423-4540 to check health benefits.

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A Multifaceted Approach to Residential Addiction Treatment for Men

To improve your chance of recovery, our men’s rehab program focuses on three significant factors of treatment: your mind, body, and spirit. As one or more of these areas become unbalanced, it can directly contribute to your substance use disorder. Our facilities and resources are designed to help you grow and heal in each area so that your recovery can be long-lasting and comprehensive.

All our providers are experts in their field, utilizing specialized treatment programs for each individual. By developing an individualized approach for each of our guests, clients can successfully break old habits and work to promote new and healthy ones.

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Inpatient and Outpatient Treatment Services

If you or someone you know is faced with substance abuse addiction, choosing to get help will be the next appropriate step. Whether it be a substance abuse addiction, behavioral health issue, or mental illness, the search will involve levels of services, such as inpatient and outpatient care. Before deciding which level of care is appropriate, we recommend calling us at 386-423-4540 ∴ Our 24-hour experts will provide recommendations based on your needs. It is important to consider your loved one has the appropriate level of care when it comes to your Beacon Health Options Plan.

Most often you or your loved one will receive coverage for both outpatient and inpatient rehab services with in-network facilities. Serenity Springs Recovery Center is an in-network provider of Beacon Health Options. Levels of care that will be covered may include the following.

  • Psychosocial assessment & screening
  • Therapy & counseling services
  • Support services for addiction recovery
  • Drug & alcohol detox treatment
  • Medication-assisted treatment (MAT)
  • Medical & clinical care

A successful and effective addiction recovery program, like Serenity Springs, often involves several treatment methods. This is why it’s important to know exactly which services your health insurance plan covers.

  • Serenity Springs will coordinate with or Beacon Behavioral Health Services to customize a treatment program that fits your needs. Your program may include an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) as an aftercare option.
  • This would be included along with our inpatient and clinical services. We aim to simplify the financial side of drug and alcohol rehabilitation so you can focus on your recovery.
  • Depending on the individual policy, and Beacon Health members have several drug addiction and alcohol abuse treatment options. These options will most likely include individual therapy, group therapy sessions, and medication management.
  • Beacon Health Options will also cover our intensive 12-Step Completion or Immersion Program and even some of our alternative treatments, like acupuncture, yoga, or personal training.
  • With these options covered, the individual carrying one of these plans is guaranteed and effective, full treatment plan. This plan is to be customized on an individual basis. See our Men’s Residential page for more information about the highlights and services of our program.

Frequently Asked Questions

Going to rehab can seem daunting for many people, especially when the realization of your addiction unveils itself. Although this can seem like a complicated process, we’ve put together a few common questions and answers to help ease your mind and prepare you for the road ahead.

Rehabilitation is not just a place where you fight your addiction. At Serenity Springs Recovery Center, our men’s rehab center is designed to help you fight your addiction once and for all while healing your body, mind, and spirit.

Fighting your addiction alone can be isolating and more challenging. However, along the journey, we help provide you with services that will help you rebuild your body, mind, and spirit for ultimate success. When you have a strong support system such as the one that we offer in our men’s residential facility, you are better able to lead a sober lifestyle.

Many people often ask, “how can I prepare for rehabilitation?” Knowing what to expect when you enter into our programs can better help you begin your journey to recovery on the right foot. Although it can be overwhelming to enter a new chapter in your life, ultimately, it is for the best, and we are here to support you through it.

Before entering into our treatment programs, our admission coordinators will give you an over-the-phone evaluation. During this call, you’ll be able to get answers to any questions or concerns that you may have. You will also be given a detailed outline of your individualized treatment plan, which is created based on your evaluation. This process helps to make you aware of what will be taking place throughout the program. It’s also a great time to ask any unanswered questions regarding our policies and overall recovery process.

The main concern for many people when entering into our men’s rehab center is how long the program is. It can create more anxiety when you are faced with the reality that you will be away from family, friends, work, and other responsibilities for an extended period. Our residential gender-specific men’s in-patient program is designed to help you fully immerse yourself in the recovery journey. This program can last anywhere from 30-90 days.

While the average alcohol rehab program can take anywhere from a month to a year – or even longer in some cases – it’s crucial to know what factors determine the length of your stay. A phone evaluation will help our staff members gain more information about the severity of your addiction. This will help us create an individualized treatment plan and course of action that will best suit your needs throughout the program.

Fighting your addiction involves more than a therapy session and discussing past trauma. At Serenity Springs Recovery Center, we believe in treating our guests as a whole to help heal the mind, body, and spirit for optimal recovery. This holistic approach to treatment utilizes many different techniques to help you throughout the journey to healing and life beyond our programs. Some of our daily services include:

  • Psychiatric care
  • Yoga
  • Relapse prevention
  • Family services
  • One on one therapy

There are a plethora of rehabilitation centers across the United States. Each one offers a variety of programs for different needs. However, numerous underlying issues within the addiction rehabilitation industry have been causing all kinds of problems for guests and their families, including poor quality treatment and high relapse rates.

At Serenity Springs Recovery Center, our approach to treating your addiction involves healing all aspects of your mind, body, and spirit. We offer industry-leading addiction and clinical interventions, including psychiatric care, health and wellness services, and many more tailored options to your recovery process.

We pride ourselves on being able to create individualized treatment plans specific to your needs and goals. Our high staff-to-client ratio allows us to provide an individualized, compassionate focus to ensure that all our guests are getting what they need at all times.