Serenity Springs Recovery Center is an in-network addiction treatment provider of Cigna Health Insurance. The Cigna Behavioral Health division supports drug & alcohol rehab services.

Cigna Providers of Drug & Alcohol Rehab

Ready to stop fighting your addiction? Well, we can start right here by taking the first step in the right direction by starting the process towards a full recovery. Do you abuse substances on a regular basis to take away the pain or discomfort that you are experiencing? If your answer is yes, it is about that time to take the step into a new, positive direction. Sobriety may seem like a long shot for you right now, however Serenity Springs is now in-network as Cigna Providers of Drug & Alcohol Treatment. This means that Cigna healthcare insurance policy carriers will not have to worry about covering costs that can be a challenge coming out of pocket. Take that step now and call us at 386-423-4540 to have us verify healthcare benefits with an expert.

Although coverage varies depending on your individual plan, recovery services may consist of:

    • Drug treatment
    • Alcohol treatment
    • Drug & alcohol detoxification
    • Services & resources for addiction
    • Counseling & therapy for addiction

For those facing drug or alcohol addiction, Cigna provides their very own Behavioral Health division. Cigna Health provides great resources to all members and their families. Cigna now offers an educational series for addiction, as well as blog posts, videos and podcasts. This education series offers physical, mental and emotional signs of addiction. Very similar to how we describe addiction at Serenity Springs as a three-part disease of the mind, body, and spirit. Check out their series to learn more about recovery from addiction. As always, we recommend consulting with a doctor or other medical professional regarding treatment for behavioral and substance abuse issues.

Cigna Policy Coverage for Substance Abuse

Depending on your Cigna plan, your benefits and coverage will vary. For instance, Cigna’s lowest plan – bronze – offers lower premiums, but individuals may face higher deductibles and out-of-pocket expenses. But for those with gold or platinum plans, you receive more comprehensive coverage with lower deductibles. In regards to substance abuse treatment, the services insurance covers and the expenses you will be responsible for depend greatly on the type of plan and the state you reside in. Contact your health insurance provider to review your policy and determine the types of treatment services that are covered by your plan.

Do Treatment Centers Need to be In-Network?

While not all Cigna plans require your treatment center to be in-network, it’s important to note that using an out-of-network provider usually increases your out-of-pocket expenses. Some plans may not cover any out-of-network services, leaving you with the entire bill. However, other plans will cover certain portions after a deductible or coinsurance has been met. Many out-of-network treatment options require a pre-certification. This involves Cigna reviewing the request against nationally recognized guidelines. In cases that require a pre-certification, Cigna will determine what services are covered based on your plan. Refer to your policy or call the number on the back of your insurance card to find out what treatment options are available to you.

Cigna Providers of Substance Abuse Treatment

If you want to recover from substance use disorder, Serenity Springs Recovery Center can help you! With a Cigna Health Insurance plan, you will no longer have to worry about the financial obstacles that can potentially deter you from a full and successful journey of recovery.

Serenity Springs Recovery Center has amenities along with outstanding results that most programs in the country or even throughout the world do not have. We are the best recovery center in Florida, where our treatment team takes pride in helping others recover from addiction or alcoholism. Using the 12-step completion model, we have produced results that have overcome any form of substance abuse or addiction. Even without coverage from Cigna health insurance, we still encourage you to contact us to discuss methods of payment. Call Serenity Springs at 386-423-4540 with further questions.

Addiction services offered to Cigna health insurance members:
  • A successful and effective addiction recovery program often involves several treatment methods, which is why it is important to know exactly which services your health insurance plan covers.
  • Serenity Springs will coordinate with Cigna, customizing a treatment program tailored to your needs. Your program might include our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) as an aftercare option. This includes inpatient treatment options, along with clinical and medical services.
  • Depending on the individual policy, Cigna health insurance members have several drug and alcohol addiction treatment options. These options will most likely include individual therapy, group therapy, and medication management.
  • Cigna will also cover our 12-Step Immersion Program along with some alternative treatments, like acupuncture. The client that is enrolled in one of these plans will receive the most effective treatment program that we provide at Serenity Springs Recovery Center. Let us eliminate all the stress and anxiety involved with the finances of drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

Our recovery program is described in more detail throughout this website. Use the navigation menu or call us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at  386-423-4540. An admissions coordinator will assist you with any questions or concerns.