Overcoming Codependency: Am I Enabling or Codependent?

While an issue for the nation as a whole, perhaps no other state is feeling the opioid crisis as much as New Jersey. To help take action towards fighting the issue, in 2016 over thirty doctors in the state were disciplined for being too lax with prescriptions. Although just part of the problem, doctors that do not adhere to guidelines strictly enough should face disciplinary action. Four out of five new heroin users start off their habit with prescription drugs. Among the prescription drugs most abused is Xanax. Used to treat anxiety and panic attacks, Xanax is highly addictive if not taken properly.

Xanax withdrawal can be fatal

For people who have become dependent on the drug, a difficult Xanax withdrawal is ahead. Xanax withdrawal symptoms, which include headaches, blurry vision, aggression, and seizures. These are among the most dangerous symptoms of all prescription drugs. It is not uncommon for a withdrawal to be life threatening or even fatal.

New Jersey isn’t alone in this issue, with several other states in the nation dealing with people who have become addicted to the dangerous prescription drug. In order to help ensure that new, even more, lethal street drugs aren’t sought after to get a fix, individuals must look for effective and safe treatment centers that can help them safely get through withdrawals.

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