Do You Suffer from Chronic Relapse

The Cycle of Addiction (below) illustrates the different phases of the addiction disease which will continue over and over again until the addict or alcoholic finds a Higher Power and digs into the real problem, which is SELF. A real addict cannot get out of this cycle on will power. They will continue to replace the spiritual malady (feeling restless, irritable, discontent with an obsession to use) until this power is found.


For many substance abusers, drug addicts, alcoholics, junkies, etc. the solution was found in the drink or drug of choice. For some, it was multiple drinks and/or drugs at a time. No matter what is or was going on in the life of an active user or boozer – that quick fix was usually available, and if not… HIDE YOUR WALLETS AND PURSES! Of course, this doesn’t sound like much of a solution, but it was.

This solution worked for a short period or maybe a long period, every case is different. Eventually, this solution stops working and tears down lives! The problem lies within and what is missing within that sick and damaged alcoholic/addict. That’s where we come in at Serenity Springs and wake up their spirit with a formula that has been working here for the last five years. It starts with honesty, open-mindedness, and willingness. With those three things, we begin down the road of self-discovery, recovery, and solution.


Serenity Springs doesn’t want anyone to have to live in that dreadful and psychotic addiction cycle. We have found a solution to the disease of addiction in the 12 Step program of recovery, that is honing in on 100 years in existence. The rules and principles are simple, however, the addict/alcoholic likes to complicate things.

We make it a priority to see our clients through until they experience a psychic change or spiritual experience. Whether this takes 2 days, 30 days or 90 days, we feel it is necessary to have that experience early in recovery. Our recovery team will do everything we can to make sure every individual that comes to Serenity Springs gets to that point before walking out our front door.

What is a Spiritual Experience?

Often, you will hear an RA or someone in a meeting mentioning the phrase “Spiritual Experience.” What exactly does that mean? To many, they immediately think of God. This is another word that tends to scare people off from ever fully receiving the gifts of recovery. The sober lifestyle, if worked to a T, can be extremely beneficial to the addict/alcoholic and anyone around that person. It forces that person to become accountable for their actions. It also produces a way of life that is admirable and attractive to most. Now again, what is this spiritual experience we keep talking about?

Well, it isn’t very easy to explain, even for those who have had one. The spiritual experience comes in many forms and can be as simple as taking care of hygiene. To those who don’t know, addicts and alcoholics are not very fond of hygiene when they are drinking or drugging. That being said, the extravagant or “white light” spiritual experience is something that occurs to those who work this program. These experiences happen regularly to those who constantly seek conscious contact with a Higher Power of their understanding.

A lot of times this tends to happen after a complete and thorough 4th and 5th step. A 4th and 5th step are two of the more challenging steps. These steps force the person working them to get honest and dig into their past. Most importantly, they discuss with another person immediately. This often produces relief from past traumas and things they regret. The sense of ease and comfort is a feeling that one cannot put a price tag on. Peace of mind or clarity is definitely something that not only addicts or alcoholics seek. The ability to live your live free of shame, guilt, remorse and regret is life-changing. The 12 Step process can be very powerful to those that thoroughly work each step – this is a process known to work not only for substance abuse, this process is effective with behaviors and defects of character.


Continue with Steps (6-12)

If the spiritual awakening or experience isn’t clear yet, a thorough 4th and 5th step usually provide those who work it with a feeling of relief that fuels motivation to continue moving forward with the rest of the steps. Eventually, the addict or alcoholic will feel different. People around that person will notice a change, which the book calls a “psychic change.” This person may not know it, but he or she is now doing things differently and saying things differently. Eventually, that person is flat out living his or her life in a new light. While the addict/alcoholic may not know what just happened or can’t put a finger on changes in lifestyle or attitude, all these things have significantly been changed for the better. Parents, loved ones, siblings, and significant others are the first to notice, and the staff of Serenity Springs Recovery Center absolutely love to get the phone calls that start with, “What did you do with my…..?”

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