Am I an Addict or Alcoholic?

In the aftermath of the passing of singer-songwriter George Michael on Christmas Day, it has been revealed that, according to a source close to him, he was battling a “secret heroin addiction.

Although the preliminary cause of death was cited as cardiac arrest, it is known as a leading cause of death among users of the drug. The British pop superstar was found dead in his Oxfordshire home by his long-time partner Fadi Fawaz.

Michael’s history of drug abuse and addiction has been well-documented. In 2007, he was arrested for impaired driving. He has been cited for possession a number of times and in a 2009 interview, he spoke openly about his struggles with marijuana, prescription medication and crack cocaine. However, his usage of heroin was something that was unknown to the public, making this revelation all the more shocking.

“I thought George was too bright to get involved with illegal substances,” Gary Farrow, Michael’s publicist and friend said. “But once this disease gets hold of you, it’s hard to fight it.”

Michael’s addiction and passing remind us how drug addiction doesn’t discriminate. This disease doesn’t become any more manageable because of one’s fame, fortune or intelligence. Many addicts harbor deep feelings of shame or denial that inhibit them from getting the help they need. The prospect of recovering completely from this seemingly hopeless state of mind and body seems unfathomable to those in active addiction. The reality is that Serenity Spring Recovery Center facilitates success stories regularly, allowing those who suffer to obtain a life worth living beyond their wildest dreams. The recovered life is available for those who wish to seek it.

Michael is remembered not just for his timeless hit music that spanned his thirty year career, but also for his caring spirit. He was said to have been extremely charitable and caring to those he encountered, donating millions of dollars to charities anonymously. He was also a part of the charity supergroup Band-Aid that recorded a Christmastime single that raised massive amounts of money and awareness for the Ethiopian famine of the mid-1980s.

“I want people to remember him the way he was – he was a beautiful person,” said Fawaz. We fondly and respectfully remember Michael for all that he contributed to the world.

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