How to Heal When a Loved One is Addicted

When a loved one is addicted, family and friends are affected. Relationships deteriorate and family members experience emotional stress and agony over their loved one’s addictive behavior. Addiction makes a person limit his or her time around loved ones, which results in long-term absences from special events. Guilt, shame, and low self-esteem are amplified from addiction, which can make your loved one feel isolated.

There are ways to help you heal when a loved one suffers from addiction or a substance use disorder. Learning that addiction is a complex disease is a good way to start. Go to AA or NA meetings and listen to what others say about their experiences with addiction. Meet people in similar circumstances. Join a forum online or a group on social media that relates to drug and alcohol addiction. Ask questions and get advice or suggestions from others.

Encourage your loved one to get help, and stay supportive. Addiction sometimes co-occurs with an underlying mental health issue. Using shameful words or a negative tone could contribute to your loved one continuing his or her harmful drug and alcohol use. Set boundaries to show your loved one what is off limits. Boundaries will teach him or her to respect your rules and space. Plan expectations in advance and follow through with consequences.

Make sure you keep communication open with your loved one and stay positive. Go to group therapy or family counseling together. Family and friends suffer a range of emotions from guilt, anger, frustration, and helplessness. Understand you cannot control your loved one’s behavior.

Addiction affects the individual who suffers from it and family and friends. A person cannot be forced into treatment and recovery, but he or she can be encouraged to get help with love, support, and encouragement from loved ones. If you or a loved one is battling addiction, do not wait to get help. Addiction is isolating, but treatment is available and there is hope in recovery. Do not suffer alone. Get help today to start a healthy life in sobriety.

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