Holiday Season: High Risk for Addiction


The holiday season, many believe, is a time to spend together and to appreciate one another. But for someone experiencing a substance abuse issue or in recovery, this time might become incredibly stressful. Those in active addiction will seek out the sense of ease and comfort that the drink or drug has been known to provide them.

Those in recovery, whether early in their journey or even with years of sober time, may find that they are unable “to bring into consciousness with sufficient force the memory of the suffering and humiliation” painfully endured during their period of addiction and alcoholism (Alcoholics Anonymous, p24). In either case, the desire to use may prove to be overwhelming and could spell tragedy. The insanity of addiction does not take the holiday off. Instead, it is at its most insidious and powerful.

“Everybody else is drinking and having fun. Why shouldn’t I?” “Just a few won’t hurt me.” “I deserve this.” These are a few thoughts that may enter the mind of an active or recovering addict and could pave the way to a demoralizing relapse, or worse, a fatal overdose.


Holidays are a great time to seek the help necessary in treatment, considering that addiction becomes harder to battle in times of pressure and stress. Addicts and people in recovery alike are thrusted into holiday festivities in which it’s common to imbibe and use illicit drugs with family, friends and coworkers. These festive environments can be tempting since most people want to fit in.

Unfortunately, most ignore their addiction during this celebration season because of the overwhelming desire to belong. To ignore one’s own addiction is to lose sight of the degree of powerlessness the addict and alcoholic has when it comes to the first drink or drug. Willpower, desire and self-knowledge are not enough to combat the power of this disease. The solution is out there and available to those who are ready to seek it. 

For family members and individuals who are battling a substance abuse issue, it is important to seek help immediately. Some may feel that it would be best to wait until after the holiday season, in order to enjoy time with family and friends, but this thinking is enormously dangerous. Postponing the pursuit of the solution to addiction is playing with fire and endangering the life of yourself or somebody you love. The time to act is now. Not after Christmas or New Year’s Day. Not even tomorrow. Help is available today, right now. 

You can begin this journey to sobriety with Serenity Springs Recovery Center immediately. By seeking treatment, you can enjoy your holiday season sober and healthy. To give the gift of sobriety, either to yourself or a loved one, means you are giving the chance to have a new life with health and happiness, peace and fulfillment, abundance and purpose. A life beyond your wildest dreams is waiting. Stop recovering and recover with us in Volusia County, Florida.