The Power of Mindfulness in Addiction Recovery

Serenity Springs Recovery Center is dedicated to treating the whole person when it comes to recovery from the disease of addiction. We realize that this disease is multifaceted and all encompassing which is why we take the approach of healing the mind, body, and spirit with holistic methods like yoga.

We are excited to introduce 12-Step Yoga as part of our Intensive Outpatient (IOP) program in New Smyrna Beach. The Health & Wellness program at Serenity Springs continues to grow and incorporate proven effective holistic methods for recovery.

Some experiences and parts of our program may be new and out of the comfort zone of some clients but in order to get a different result, we must take a different action and make different choices as addicts. We encourage and explain the thought processes behind our methodology and never assign judgment to the journey of each one of our clients; we recognize that all people are walking a unique path and are at different places in their story.

Led by Gina Payne, a recovered addict, nationally certified personal trainer and certified 12-Step yoga instructor, clients have the chance to rediscover themselves mentally, physically, and spiritually. “Recovery is evolving and I’m lucky to be a part of that evolution. Although traditional 12-Step meetings are imperative, they are no longer the only source we have to get connected with people in recovery” Gina explained. She is a believer in the power of the program and is a walking testament to the effectiveness of it. She lives the doctrine and creates a powerful healing and awakening environment for Serenity Springs clients.

The official launch for our redesigned Health & Wellness program is coming soon! To keep up with updates and stay in touch, visit us on Facebook or read our Addiction Recovery News & Events and really stay on top of current events in recovery.