Substance Abuse Treatment Team

At Serenity Springs Recovery Center, our staff includes medical, clinical, and treatment professionals who help each of our clients achieve success on their journey to recovery. Our team members work together to create an individualized treatment plan specific to each client’s needs and goals. Each staff member encompasses our holistic approach to recovery, which involves healing the mind, body, and spirit. Throughout our program, you will have the full support of our team members and will be guided through a healthy journey to recovery. Come get to know our staff and see how we can begin helping you today! 



Our experienced and dedicated medical staff provide exceptional, one-of-a-kind treatment for the mind and body.

Dr. Edda Casanova, MD
Dr. Edda Casanova, MD Medical Director
Dr. Carmen Sanz, MD
Dr. Carmen Sanz, MD Medical Director
Jose Vera, APRN
Jose Vera, APRN Nurse Practitioner
Victoria Waicus
Victoria Waicus Family Nurse Practitioner
Kim Andrade, RN
Kim Andrade, RN Nurse
John Saunders, LPN
John Saunders, LPN Nurse
Susan Church, RN
Susan Church, RN Nurse
Tina Donovan, RN
Tina Donovan, RN Nurse


Our addiction treatment specialists create a customized program, meeting the needs of each individual.

Justin Pike, BSBA
Justin Pike, BSBA Director of Operations
Timothy Mills, CART
Timothy Mills, CART Compliance Director / Operations
Carmen Munoz, MSW, RCSWI
Carmen Munoz, MSW, RCSWI Therapist
Melissa Gad, APRN
Melissa Gad, APRN Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner/Therapist
Sonja Johnson, HS-BCP, MS, RMFTI, PHD
Sonja Johnson, HS-BCP, MS, RMFTI, PHD Therapist
Jason Prior
Jason Prior Recovery Advocate
Ryan Forster
Ryan Forster Recovery Advocate
Michael Dickerson
Michael Dickerson Recovery Advocate
Wesley Cornelius
Wesley Cornelius Recovery Advocate


Our specialty staff add healthy and fun activities to the overall recovery experience.

Kimberley Botzum, CWPC, AA
Kimberley Botzum, CWPC, AA Chef
Dr. Kate Canfield, MSOM, LAC, AP
Dr. Kate Canfield, MSOM, LAC, AP Acupuncturist
Lara Clevenger, MSH, RDN, LDN, CPT
Lara Clevenger, MSH, RDN, LDN, CPT Dietian