Chelton Myers

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Chelton Myers
Motivational Speaker

Chelton Myers is a motivational speaker who comes to inspire clients suffering from drug and alcohol addiction. Chelton never experienced chemical dependency himself. Chelton’s story of inspiration comes from overcoming his disability and pursuing his dreams. Chelton was born with cerebral palsy. He did not learn of his disability until he was 8 years old. This was about the time he was ending elementary school. Chelton at first struggled to accept what he was born with. Upon entering high school, he found God and realized that his disability can be used to help people.

Forbidding his disability from impeding his life, he attended the University of Texas at San Antonio. He received two bachelor degrees in History and Political Science. He graduated with honors with a GPA of 3.9. Chelton actually needed a walker to move around until the age of 25. The following two years, he taught himself to move around without assistance. Exemplifying the adage many suffering from addiction must adhere to;

“When you fall you must get up and try again.”

Chelton is currently completing a book titled, “Consider it Pure Joy.” He hopes to have it published in the next year. Chelton is also preparing for the LSAT exam with the plan of entering law school. When Chelton is not speaking, he enjoys watching sports or spending time with loved ones. Chelton really enjoys the feeling he gets from inspiring and helping others. He is a tremendous inspiration at Serenity Springs. Our clients often use his story to help transform their own lives.

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