Educational System Fueling Drug Epidemic in America

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The upsurge of drug abuse in our educational system during the past decade is becoming a pressing matter. Especially among our younger generation. It has prompted many negative results, leading to a number of emotional and physical issues. The youth among us require a certain amount of attention from their elders. When they believe they are being controlled, instead of listened to, they become rebellious and opt for pain and misery that drug abuse and addiction will bring, not only to them, but those around them.

Why Drug Abuse is Booming in Our School System

The use of drugs, obtained illegally, is growing at an alarmining rate, particularly within the ages of 15 to 25. Drug and alcohol use jeopardizes the educational career of an individual and ultimately brings negative repercussions that are hard felt, much later in their lives. Regulatory, nonprofit organizations, or even businesses like Serenity Springs should start working together in order to eliminate this dilemma.

Some have mentioned evidence of some of the benefits medications to control teens and young adults from falling short to drug addiction. On the contrary, drug abuse in our educational institutions especially by students is an alarming fact and have to be stopped in all circumstances. The increasing availability of the drug according to the economic condition of the student by an illegal dealer is an important matter to be addressed not only by the institution’s management, but also the local community.


Reasons for Rise in Drug Addiction Among Youth

1. Peer Pressure or Bullying

A lot of children in our society are so much tied to the knot of peer pressure around their necks that they feel suffocated sometimes. The most popular kids in the schools and colleges are using drugs. That makes many give in, feeling they should use it as well as to fit in with the cool kids. This is the feeling of “peer pressure” that can be so powerful and persuading to the young mind. They give in to the “peer pressure” in order to fit in within the in-crowd. Sometimes students who are strong-minded enough to not give into the pressure are ridiculed by their friends, and at times, left alone. So, they think that it’s not a bad idea to try it once or twice, and before they know it, an addiction begins.

2. Low Self-Esteem Issues

It’s very unfortunate to say that we have set such high standards of appearance and beauty that it is becoming difficult for our younger girls to keep up the pace. Teenage girls like to take stimulants to help them lose weight, such as amphetamines, molly, or even cocaine. Their desperate cry to be popular amongst the guys and be the princess of their class takes them into depths of darkness where they may end up using drugs to cope. They might be struggling from eating disorders like bulimia and anorexia. It seems we do nothing to keep them safe, even in a sacred place like an educational institution.

teens hanging out outdoor extra-curricular activities

3. Lack of Extra-Curricular Activities

Teenagers these days are becoming a couch potato with their mobile phones and video games by their side all day long. The parents do not induce a culture of physical activities and sports within the vicinity of their homes or schools. Teachers seem to only care about covering the curriculum on time rather than investing in students lives. Students run with the opportunity to try drugs as a way of passing time and deal with the pressure of peers, social media, and fitting in. The educational centers should implement something mandatory to make sure that students are devoting time towards physical activity, sports, or recreation for a number of reasons.

4. Psychological Problems

It is a sad reality that we are not fully available for our kids. Our children are now suffering from mental illnesses like depression and anxiety more and more. They most likely not happy with their lives and are not able to figure out what to do without the right guidance. The advancement of technology has diminished the physical and emotional connection.

The only solution to this problem is to be with your kids along the way and spent some quality time so that they open up to you about their psychological problems. Another problem in our society is the increasing competition among students. A crammed schedule or routine is making our children more stressed. Sometimes this may result in the use of gateway drugs like k2, medical marijuana, or alcohol to relax.


5. Confidence Boosters

A lot of shy students with lack of presentation skills and stage fright find a way to deal with their condition from drugs. They think that using alcohol and marijuana will make them confident as it works on your brain receptors to make you high. Many people don’t even remember what they did when they were drunk. The students feel that their shyness is a sign of weakness and they shouldn’t be talking to anyone about it. They think its easier to use the drug to boost their performance to maybe ace a presentation, sing a song in competition, or simply kiss the girl.

6. Easy Availability

The drugs are easily available with illegal dealers outside the schools or they have a student inside the educational centers to spread the word and become their agent. The drug abuse problem cannot be eliminated if we don’t cut the head of the snake. In this case, it means to cut the drug supply and accessibility to the students.

What can we do to solve it?

The requirement of strict actions against the sale of the drug to these innocent souls is condemnable. It is a call for all the schools and colleges to hold hands together for the abolition of this problem. The implementation of stringent rules is imperative but we have to work in concurrence with each other to provide adequate recovery and rehabilitation services for the teenagers. Appropriate psychological consultation is also an important step towards a healthy and fruitful life of the addiction survivors.

These are just some suggestions, we on the other hand have to keep doing what we were established for in the first place. To show addicts and alcoholics a better way of life in their recovery from drugs or alcohol. Our approach to recovery and the 12 steps has been proven as the most effective way to recover from addiction. We treat addiction as a three-part disease of mind, body, and spirit, treating each part individually, until that person begins to change and our treatment team of medical and clinical professionals start to take notice!

Find out about our approach to recovery! Call 386-423-4540, or send us a message!

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