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Tonya Smith

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Tonya is the admissions coordinator at Serenity Springs Recovery Center. She helps guide clients and their families through the admission process, making it simple and easy. Tonya is a National Peer Recovery Support Specialist and has over five years of experience working in the drug and alcohol treatment field.

Tonya’s passion for helping clients get into treatment comes from her own personal recovery from drug and alcohol abuse. With over a decade of sobriety, Tonya uses this accumulated experience to help counsel clients and their families through the admissions process. Tonya says what she loves the most about her job is being that initial contact before someone’s transformation. She believes in the Serenity Springs message of freedom from addiction. Particularly, how it teaches clients to overcome adversity and grow.

Tonya grew up in South Florida, but is proud to call Central Florida home. She is happily married and the proud mother of five children. When not with her family or helping clients at Serenity Springs, Tonya enjoys the beach, reading, and meditation. Lastly, Tonya feels that the most important thing is to continue growing the relationship with her Higher Power. She feels the best way to do that is through helping other women through the 12 steps.

Jose Lopez outside our men's residential facility at Serenity Springs team profile

Jose Lopez

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Jose is the Lead Recovery Advocate at Serenity Springs Recovery Center. He has worked in the recovery field for over seven years, which includes two other addiction treatment centers. Jose really believes in helping clients learn new healthy habits and living an honest, spiritual life based around the 12-steps of recovery.

Jose has a passion for helping others, especially those struggling with alcohol and drugs. This desire to help addicts stems from his own struggles with addiction. Born and raised in New York City, Jose struggled with the disease of addiction from an early age in life. This resulted in many terrible consequences, including eight years of incarceration. After completing his sentence, Jose volunteered for a drug rehabilitation program for 18 months of inpatient treatment. There, he learned more about the 12-step program and how to reintegrate back into society and learn to live sober. Shortly after treatment, he moved to the sunshine state where he began his journey of helping others recover from alcohol and drug abuse.

Jose has a unique understanding and experience that he brings to Serenity Springs Recovery Center.  He is a blessing to everyone he encounters and is dedicated to helping others find their purpose while living happy lives, free from addiction. Jose is currently on track to obtain his CAC (Certified Addiction Counselor) license, and is 26 years free of any mind or mood-altering substances as of 2019.

Tharin Smith Recovered Addict and Addiction Professional at Serenity Springs Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Tharin Smith

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Tharin Smith is the Chief Recovery Officer at Serenity Springs, where his purpose is to ensure that all clients complete our 12-step immersion program. Tharin oversees and guides each individual through these steps until a recognizable spiritual experience occurs. This is what ignites a complete recovery in mind, body, and spirit. He believes that no matter what type of addiction someone may be suffering from, there is a common solution in the 12 steps and anyone can recover if given the opportunity.

He was raised in a suburb of Atlanta, Georgia but will always call his birthplace, Charleston, South Carolina home. Tharin had a successful career outside of the treatment industry. He worked as a project manager for trade shows and in the field of construction, where he became part owner.

Tharin’s enthusiasm for recovery stems from his own personal recovery journey. He has been employed in the addiction treatment industry since 2012. Tharin is also an active member of the 12 step program with over a decade of strong sobriety. In that time, he has helped hundreds of individuals recover from addiction, both personally and professionally. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the Serenity Springs treatment team. He says that working in addiction treatment is the first thing he has ever done that fills him with purpose, fulfillment, and real joy.

“I finally know what it means to have a job but don’t work a day in my life!”

His favorite thing is seeing the miracles that take place in client’s lives. He believes that Serenity Springs is one of the most spiritual places in the country and says that,

Anyone that comes here for any amount of time will experience the same feeling. There is no doubt that God works miracles here.”

When not helping others recover from their addiction, Tharin likes to be on the beach, where he enjoys meditation and photography. He is happily married and cherishes the time he gets to spend with his niece and nephews. We are proud to have Tharin on the Serenity Springs Recovery Team. His role as our Chief Recovery Officer allows him to get involved in every aspect of our outstanding program!

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