Frank Belgiorno

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Frank grew up in Long Island, NY where he graduated from Long Island University with a B.S. from the School of Business, majoring in Finance and Marketing and minoring in Economics. He has worked on Wall Street for 35 years and his last position was Director, Natural Gas Sales ICE Markets for Intercontinental Exchange, ICE on the NYSE. After visiting Serenity Springs in late 2016, he committed himself to helping people with addiction and furthering the mission of Serenity Springs. His future vision for Serenity Springs coincides with the rest of the Board/Owners, which is expanding Serenity Springs to the next level. “I was so impressed with Serenity Springs’ purpose, facilities, staff, reputation and commitment to a permanent solution to addiction that I simply had to be a part of it.” -Frank

Jim Marshall Jr.

Jim Marshall, Jr.

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Jim brings a unique perspective to Serenity Springs’ Program. As an undercover narcotics detective, for more than two decades, Jim dealt with the world of addiction on a daily basis. After years of treating drug addiction as a crime, Jim came to realize that addiction is a disease and will be treated as a disease. After being exposed to the solution of recovery, Jim realized that there are numerous families that he and his son could help. With decades of experience seeing how addiction affects the family, Jim is able to empathize and help families going through their struggles.

James Marshall

James Marshall III

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James created the Serenity Springs Recovery Program and acted as Chief Operating Officer for the first three years. He grew up in New Jersey, and after studying accounting at Monmouth University from 2001-2006 developed and managed a number of businesses. In 2011, he moved to Florida to create his vision of an exclusive treatment center that offers individualized treatment that combines a 12 step experience with clinical therapy. James stays involved with Serenity Springs’ day to day operations and is dedicated to seeing those afflicted with addiction get well.

Joseph Adevai - Board Member, Owner - Serenity Springs Recovery Center

Joe Adevai

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Joe has had tremendous compassion and understanding with those suffering from the disease of addiction, after overcoming cocaine addiction himself over 20 years ago. Prior to opening Serenity Springs, Joe had an extremely successful career on wall street, becoming the vice-president for the company ICE on the NYSE. Joe became a pastor in the year 2000 and started Grace Church in New Jersey, which has had tremendous growth in the last 20 years. Joe retired from Wall Street in 2009 and now makes helping others his full-time job. Joe recently became a published author after writing, A Reason to Live, which chronicles the story of his life.

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